Harlequin Troupe Leader/High Avatar

I painted this guy up in 1993, when I was seventeen.  The paint job is far from perfect but it is still good enough for me to be quite happy to use the figure in any of my games that require it.

Harlequin Troupe Leader

As my Harlequin project never got any further than that Troupe Leader (or High Avatar as it was called back then) I still have a few lovely old Harlequin figures knocking around that tempt me from time to time.  If I do get around to painting them I may tie the scheme in to resonate with this figure in some way, just for fun

I will probably avoid copying the hairdo that looks like a decorated Xmas tree though, I am not so keen on that.  It does however make the figure a little more appropriate for an Xmas post.

Festive Head

I hope that all of you guys get the nerdy stuff that you want under the tree this year.

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