Dr Flint Leghorn

Dr Flint Leghorn

Dr Leghorns momma was one of the Standard Falls townsfolk but his pappy was a member of the Lab Rats tribe.  This gave Flint a unique perspective on life in and around the town and the wastes around it.  It has also contributed somewhat to his eccentric perspective.

Like Sir Reginald Beef Wellington O.B.E. (a close friend of the doctors), Leghorn doesnt live in the town itself but a couple of hours travel from it.  Nonetheless his unusual combination of tribal and scientific medical knowledge means that he gets visited by a lot more townsfolk then one might expect.

"Ahm afraid that there aint nothing ah can do. That there leg done have to come off."

Dr Leghorn is a Copplestone Casting from their awesome “Wasteland Desperadoes” pack, like Beauford X. Tinction.  Like every Copplestone sculpt that I have come across, it is of a very high standard.   I rate Copplestone and Hasslefree miniatures right up at the top of the industry standard.

I had some problems with the flesh tones on this figure, mostly because I decided to “fix” some of it while pissed late on a Saturday night.  After that less than successful evenings “work” the figure sat on my painting table for a few months while I painted other stuff, while I waited to find the enthusiasm to get painting it again.

Like the red stripes on Sir Reggie, I decided to try something that I hadnt done before on this figures trousers.  After doing a little bit of research into leopard skin print online I managed to get the pattern painted to a level that I was happy with on the first attempt.  Which was nice 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Nice work on the pants! Almost makes me want to paint up someone in full leopard gear. Almost.

    And painting pissed is never ever a good idea 😀


    • “Almost makes me want to paint up someone in full leopard gear. Almost.”

      I am sure that between us we could dig up a Rod Stewart or (better option) Marisa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny” figure to get your leopardskin on with 😉

      It was easier than I thought that it would be too. Give it a shot.

      As for painting under the influence, its a sliding scale. Its just making the call on when to stop that causes issues (like most alcohol related decisions…).

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. […] colours to suit the supreme absurdity of these models (leopardskin like on the Executioner and Dr. Leghorn might have been a good idea), but I resisted.  I am a model of […]


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