A mystical stone circle proves no deterrent to some evil hyena-pig-dogs.

Stonehenge, where demons dwell and cats meow, is an icon of the mythical race of druids and a recurring symbol of the faux mysticism of ROCK. Having a miniature stone circle/henge to send my tiny pretend people into, in order to summon demons/drink cider/ingest hallucinogens/tell lies in order to get laid [DELETE AS APPLICABLE] has been on my to do list since I was a kid.

The end result looks a little more like a series of carefully balanced Milky Way bars than I had hoped, but it’s fun all the same.

Although miniature stone circles are one of the easier terrain projects for a hobbyist to make from cheap/free and easily available materials, I bought this set. It was difficult to argue with the price.

I quite enjoy painting large Reaper Bones items. They are rugged and indelicate, which means that I tend to be quite happy working on them in a clumsy, slapdash fashion, similar to my lovemaking.

I spent a day in the sun painting this from start to finish… back in 2018. Being Reaper Bones, it had to be brush undercoated, but the warm, dry Irish summer’s day (yeah, really) made drying times rapid.


Witch Hunter Byron Maiden leads the faithful in search of pagans to burn.

I didn’t do anything particularly clever when painting it, just a fairly simple application of browns, greys and a little bit of green here and there.

I took a little bit of inspiration from this Warhammer TV tutorial, but diverged from it a fair bit. The principles and main approach used were the same though.

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  1. This post made me:

    – Have a Spinal Tap earworm
    – Crave Milky Way bars
    – Imagine your clumsy, slapdash lovemaking (thanks)

    So all in all a great, confusing experience! The piece is really nice too 😀

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    • Mission accomplished!

      I forgot to include an image of Mushrööm Klöwd playing. It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.

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      • A very fine line indeed… 😁

        Your mossy stone paint job is perfect, with a nice assortment of vegetation on the base for authenticity. This is a pretty nice set, they captured that Neolithically chiseled look well. And there’s a variation of height and completeness around the circle that keeps it interesting. I probably would have scratch built it, myself, but then again I’m a particularly cheap bastard 😆

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        • My time is precious, and while I once had a lot of enthusiasm for scratch building (including a set of Star Trek-esque, faux Vasquez Rocks made out of painted… rocks), these days I enjoy slinging a few $$$ at things and then painting them.

          But whatever turns one’s crank 🙂

          The paint job was very quick, seat-of-the-pants stuff, but it worked out fit for purpose, thanks Al!

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    • And you haven’t even noticed yet that post tag

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  2. Looks great mate, and hat’s off to you pal – takes a REAL man to describe his lovemaking as ‘slapdash’ 🙂

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    • Heh, my various pastimes and hobbies, if graded, would tend to have a range of values. Hopefully “slapdash” is toward to lower side of those ranges in most circumstances, but y’know, it has happened… to most of us I expect 😅

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  3. Another word I have never seen before or heard – slapdash – great word though! I’m certain that you rocked this project out…😆

    And as far as hyenas, did you know that they belong to the feline family?

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    • Hyenas are odd animals for a few reasons, so much so that painting a few gnolls has appeal. Plus I’m a fan of cats, so maybe.

      I didn’t know that slapdash had not spread across the Atlantic, but it is a good word. Might be able to work it into a character name at some future point perhaps.

      Thanks for the feedback Mark!

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  4. A nice mystic stone circle is useful for all sorts of settings – pulp, fantasy, or as an ancient alien construction. The painting looks grand to me – you want lots of nice variation in stone colour to stop it looking like freshly cast concrete. The basing really adds a nice level of realism too.

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    • Thanks Axiom.

      I went for a sloppy mix of browns and greens to disguise the chocolatey smooth waves of detail. I think that it worked out pretty well for a lazy Sunday afternoons work in the sun 🙂


  5. I’ve been eyeing that set too, thanks for showing it off. It looks great!

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    • Thanks Andy!

      I don’t know how much it retails for, but the Bones Kickstarter price for it was a steal.

      I think it will be fun to hunt witches etc in and around.

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  6. Great stuff…that should be useful for a variety of settings.

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  7. One could argue that the sculpt is kind of… basic, but you made the whole piece to really stand out. Wow, pretty nice!

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    • The sculpt is undeniably basic. As a piece of set dressing it’s still pretty decent in the end.

      I would rather have a basic but usable piece ready to game with, than still be waiting for the “perfect” set of miniature standing stones.

      Thanks Suber!

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  8. Lovely erection, shoebox.

    I hope to enjoy using your magnificent ring one day soon. How many toy soliders can you fit inside your ring?

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