Chaos Warhounds


Citadel Chaos Warhounds

I quite like the (relatively) modern Citadel Miniatures “chaos warhound” designs. The consistent body shape – some sort of hyena-pig-dog – with minor differences in horns/tail/ears/etc appeals to me more than the random conglomeration of animal features that other Citadel chaos hounds often had. I like my beastmen to largely look like satyr for similar reasons: I like my chaos, organised. So I painted a box worth of these guys.

The idea was to paint them to look like pale skinned mutants, as suited for running around the Cursed Earth or the Harman Visitation Zone as the Mortal Realms, to make them as genre cross compatible as possible without diluting the look too much. With that I mind I went for a pale morlock/The Descent/radiation scorched style, pinkish and sore looking skin tone.


Witch Hunter Byron Maiden and his retinue hold the wild things of the forest at bay.

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  1. Lovely job mate – a nice simple paint job makes them hugely versatile. Noice!

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  2. They look very nice with the pale skin tones, that colour scheme hadn’t occurred to me before. As always, inspirational stuff!

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  3. Great contrast between the dark fur and skin tones. I normally dislike those models but you improved on the box art!

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    • That’s kind of you to say foreignartisan 🙂

      The painting on the models on the box is always going to be a higher technical standard than mine, but my standard is good enough for purpose. The colour schemes will always be a matter of taste though. The browns on the studio scheme are perfectly serviceable, if maybe a bit murky and a little indistinct against the white background, but I prefer the more horror approach on mine. I’m glad that they appeal to you too.

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  4. These turned out really well, your pale skin tone gives them a really nice sickly look.
    I have to agree with you about the models as well, these are way nicer than the older metal models.

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    • Thanks kryptovidicus, a mutated, creepy underground dweller look was what I was after.

      I prefer the more restrained approach to the mutant aspect of these warhounds. I often have trashy, Resident Evil video game type taste in fantasy/sci-fi horror, but in this case the subtlety is better I think.

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  5. Brilliant!

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