Mad Max & Warboys


20mm kamicrazies and a road warrior for Gaslands.



If you don’t know what “Warboys” are, then you should immediately drop what you are doing and watch “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Really, don’t delay further.


When Northstar released these I picked a set up straight away. There are drivers and gunners too, but I will stick them in to vehicles on a gradual basis, as I get in the mood to prep some appropriately retro, hot-rod post-apocalyptic vehicles that will suit them.


Protagonist costume in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

The image above is probably the most recognisably classic Mad Max look. The miniature honage made by Northstar is a version of the character from the prior movie, when the character still wears a uniform.


A replica of the Main Force Patrol uniform in Mad Max (1979)

Some of these figures can be seen alongside similar 20mm autoduel style miniatures in this post. When I next update that post, I will add a few of these.


As Copplestone sculpts, these figures really are top drawer, and were very pleasant to paint. I recommend them.



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  1. Nice models,I never read the rules for skirmishing. But your painted miniatures make me want to try. Well done πŸ™‚ Witness !

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    • The rules for skirmishing from Wargames Illustrated are appropriately simple. I’m hoping to get some games using them played soon.
      Even if for some reason those rules don’t work out, I am perfectly happy to use infantry models as the “flag” in “capture the flag” scenarios, or other objective markers in appropriate scenarios.

      Essentially, I painted these figures purely because I wanted to: getting them into games will follow on from that.

      Thanks for the feedback Nico!

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  2. Magical Copplestone goodess here. You’ve made a great job of them too. They read very well despite the smaller scale.

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    • Thanks Mr S. It is a bit of a cliche, but these kinda painted themselves: beautifully proprtioned, crisply detailed and uncluttered miniatures.

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      • LOL you don’t fool us. We’re painters, we know well that while some sculpts fight you every step of the way, nothing paints itself. You’re just very good!

        I like how you captured the cultish weirdness of the Warboys here, all pale skin and nutty hyper aggression!

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        • You are too kind Al, Mark Copplestone, George Miller, Brendan McCarthy and Peter Pound did all the hard work, I just coloured them in πŸ™‚

          Warboys are such emotive, well realised designs that the hard work was all done.

          I have a vehicle in a semi-converted state with some matching crew lined up. I’m looking forward to working on those.

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  3. I’ve resisted thus far…but you are making me give in to this genre. Please stawp lol

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    • Ha! Its an easy side project… that can spiral into a fuil project to be fair, but surely everyone reading this has an urge to convert toy cars and play games with them driving around a post-atomic wastelend, right?

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  4. What a lovely day! I mean… what a lovely paintjob! Really cool, I like the way they look. I’d love to see some action!

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    • Thanks, I’m glad that you like them Suber.

      My opportunites to play games are a bit limited at the moment I’m afraid, for dull real life reasons, but I hope to get these little guys on the table within the next few months. Ill take some photos if I do, maybe rustle up a small blog post.

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  5. Oh what a day, what a lovely day! Very nice mate

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  6. Great job. Those figures are very tempting I must say.

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  7. Excellent πŸ™‚

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  8. Just for the record, do gaslands use foot troops? Seen some of your posts now and then with machinery but also those post apoc cops you said that could pass as a police themed team (in the sport gaslands is supposed to be) which keeps me confused.

    I’ve long resisted the urge for gaslands telling myself no foot troops were involved (think gorkamorka) but every now and then I see dudes next to your gaslands cars so…

    Paint wise those look really fitting into the post apoc setting.

    Great job.

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    • I’m glad that you like the models Javi.
      Technically speaking, the short answer is that there are no official rules for pedestrians in Gaslands. Pedestrian models are well suited as loot for flag or respawn counters though, if you want to use only the rules as written and get some nice foot troops on the table.

      Gorkamorka had foot troops. They had to arrive on a vehicle, but there were footsloggers in the vast majority of games. Gaslands isn’t like that.

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  9. Truly epic painting – off to Valhalla!

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  10. Shiny and chrome.

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