Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #5: Cone

The highs and lows of advent calendar surprises are all to be experienced in the Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure)!

To be fair, this is probably a low.

“Gee whiz!” cried the imaginary child that did not open this cardboard door. “What exciting Xmas automotive paraphernalia could lurk behind this mysterious portal of tree derived pulp matter?” nobody said.

“Oh.” screamed zero upset children.

“Seriously?” moaned precisely nobody.

“Sigh” sighed the non-existent little boy that I was once, never.

So, it’s an oversized road cone (or “pylon” as some people call it, while driving around traffic circles. Potato pobobot).

I decided to stick this piece to a cork base, to make it look more like a SERIOUS piece of post-apocalyptic terrain than a bit of stray toy. A quick job, hopefully it will be the direct cause of an entertainingly explosive cascadecollision in a future Gaslands game.



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  1. “Hey look, there’s 100 floors of frights, they’re not all going to be winners”

    – Elevator attendant, David S. Pumpkins video 😛

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  2. This, exactly 😀


  3. 😂 Classic

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  4. This might be the craziest project ever, I simply love that you manage to make these pieces look interesting -even the cone!!

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    • Ha! I’m glad that you are enjoying it Suber.

      There are odder things than road cones to come (spoilers on the box cover).


  5. I’m intrigued by the slot at the top of the cone. Is it a hint that it may join up with some other ingenious bit of traffic/road Gaslands equipment ? Or am I reading too much into this lol

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    • Good spot Model Warrior.

      I don’t think that the cone connects with anything in the Advent set. My theory is that at least some of the items come from big containers of components that have been used for multiple Hot Wheels playsets etc, possibly in some cases for many years. I suspect that the shape of the cone tip is related to some prior role that the component had, rather than something in this advent set.

      Or else I missed something, which would be embarrassing…


  6. […] Fan Favourite Cone from last week, the barrier is oversized in comparison with most Hot Wheels, certainly compared […]


  7. […] Xmas village terrain, so treated the combined piece a lot like the tyres, barrier and fan favourite cone to make it ready for […]


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