Traveling Circus

I went to Nottingham a little while ago for a gaming weekend.  One of the highlights was the opportunity to play some Mordheim with my Carnival of Chaos/Circus of Corruption.  If you can endure the pretty dodgy photography, then you can see a number of weird miniatures looking for treasure and beating up vampires with gym equipment.


A rotting circus performer fails to incapacitate a zombie via stilts and is subsequently mind controlled. THAT’S Mordheim.


Some time later…


“You should really wear your belt, bro.  That’s not gonna get any better on it’s own…”


Papa Hazapou leads Otto the Obstreperous and Ivan the Incorrigible in to the crowd to rapturous… farting probably, if I’m being honest.


So bring your good times, and your laughter too, We gonna celebrate your party with you! (Image property of Games Workshop, lyrics property of Kool and the Gang, both used without permission but in a very loving way)


Yes. I did add brown textured paint to that models trouser crotch.  I’m almost forty three years old, thanks for asking.


“Yo Mister Vampire, do you even lift bro?”


“You’re MY wife now!”

The game that we played was surprisingly fun, more than I expected in fact.  Part of it is because the thematic elements of a Nurgle Circus appeal to me a lot, but to my surprise (it has been nineteen years since I read it) the Mordheim rules are more streamlined than I remembered.

I’m hoping to get more Mordheim played over the next few months and I have plans to add to the Carnival.


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  1. Love this!!

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  2. Great photos & hilarious captions. Particularly love “Yes. I did add brown textured paint to that models trouser crotch. Iโ€™m almost forty three years old, thanks for asking.” LOL and I’m even older.

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  3. Great stuff mate, and great to see your circus (and you) in the reals! I picked my circus up while I was in Nottingham, and they are funny sculpts… quite free & easy in a messy way. I’ll be cribbing your painting approach when I get round to painting mine – I think it suits the sculpts perfectly!

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    • It was great to see you and get a few games in Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

      The Circus sculpts have a charm and they reward a certain sort of painting I think. I’m very interested to see how you get on. I havent seen any other painted Circuses other than mine an the one by the sculptor Jason Fairclough.

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  4. The photos are quite good. I’ve enjoyed what little Mordheim I’ve played. I had a terrible time finding a rulebook until Tyler, who I met at Kublacon, sold me a copy. I think the world needs more miniatures with soiled pants. My Blood Bowl team mascot is going to have yellow in front, brown in back styling. I may ask you for your recipe.

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    • I traded away my original rulebook in 1999 as I thought that I would never use it. I just arranged for a replacement today in fact ๐Ÿ™‚

      GW made the rules available online for free for a few years, so there are legit copies of the rules in PDF. The thing is, the background was trimmed out of those PDFs, which is a shame. The background to Mordheim is excellent.

      With the boutique miniature hobby world of 2018, there all all sorts of different ways to add pee and poop to miniatures. Get your people to talk to my people, we will get it sorted ;D


  5. รŒ can’t comment on the game but the figures look great.

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  6. I didn’t realize Mordhiem was still around…

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    • Well Mordheim isn’t currently supported by Games Workshop and the miniature range is out of production, but that doesn’t stop anyone who has access to appropriate miniatures and terrain from playing it ๐Ÿ™‚
      GW are the rules available for download in the early 2000s, so it’s straightforward to get the PDF too.


      • Yeah its just getting anyone from the game store to actually play that’s the problem. They tend to drop games as soon as its announced that its getting discontinued. Who cares that they have hundreds to thousands invested in it. haha. sometimes gamers are weird like that…

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  7. Great fight and fun writing. Very enjoyable and I was happy to see the figs in action

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    • It is always good to get figures on the table after the work involved in getting them painted. I spend far more time painting than I do gaming, but playing games with the models is still an important part of the hobby for me.

      I’m glad that you liked the post Mark.

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  8. I smile so much itโ€™s probably unhealthy when I read your posts. Thanks for keeping it simple and fun. Downloading a pdf as I type. Let my copy go years ago as well. Looks like a childish 40s club needs to be started for us all to attend.

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    • That’s really nice to hear steinbergshedspace, thanks!

      Age appropriate behaviour is a tightrope, but it’s not fun then what’s the point?

      I’m pretty serious about my hobby, but a dour attitude wouldn’t make me any more productive. The opposite is true in fact, needlessly leeching pleasure from something that should be 100% joy.

      Plenty more to come ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. That looks like a pile of pooey fun. The circus really does sit nicely into Mordheim.

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    • Poofiric.

      The Carnival is very Hieronymus Bosch, and Mordhiem thrives on that sort of bloated, gone-to-seed vibe: its perfect really.

      Of course, I’m aiming for Cult of the Possessed after I finish the Carnival. Painting tiny Nurgle ships has given me some ideas for painting the Carnival Cart…


  10. There’s nothing wrong with the 5th edition mechanics… the main problem was in the main game your large regiments just ran away all the time. The combat rules worked fine! Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Classic Warhammer mechanics like in 5th ed and Mordheim are quite old school from a 2018 perspective. Generally I prefer more modern mechanics with tighter, more intuitive elements and more integrated turns. But as I said, I was surprised at the moves in that direction inherent in Mordheim: it was more fun than I had expected.

      I’m hoping to get a few games in over the next couple of months.

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