Circus of Corruption 2

Eleven more Circus of Corruption figures, from Old School Miniatures.

I added to the six finished Circus models, bringing the total up to seventeen, finishing them on time to bring them to Bring Out Your Lead 2018, coming up this weekend.

I would like to have added a few of the clowns and other sideshow characters that were unlocked during the Kickstarter, including the cart, but other items got in the way.  I still have more than enough to have a few giggles with Papa Hasapou and his travelling show this weekend though

I hammered through these models quickly, going for a primarily wash and drybrush approach.  I have another seven models to paint before I have completed my Circus, but hopefully they will be finished in the Autumn, in time for a few games of Age of Sigmar, in which I plan to use the lot as a unit of Marauders, and possibly use the cart as an altar of some sort.

All seventeen finished to date.


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  1. Lovely mate – looking forward to seeing them in the (rotten) flesh!

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    • Thanks Alex.

      The paint jobs are fairly rapid, with individual brilliance taking a back seat to overall impression, if you get me πŸ™‚

      I am looking forward to dumping The Dysenteria Three Ring Circus on the table for a game though. They should be a bit of fun.

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  2. Wow those lookm brilliant!!

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  3. Nice creepy bunch! Well executed!

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    • Thanks Mark!

      The revolting sculpts did a lot of the work really, plus even healthy clowns creep people out, so it’s not too difficult to get the right look I think.

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  4. Great painting as usual.
    They have a rotten, putrid, washed out look to them.

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    • Thanks Spevna.

      Some sort of feverish, jaundiced look was the goal. I dunno how “realistic” it is or isnt, but it presses the right buttons I think.


  5. Disgusting! Nice work πŸ™‚

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  6. Very creepy. They all look varied, but cohesive. Great use of color.

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    • Thanks Sean.
      I wanted something a little different to the usual Nurgle palette, but still feverish, filthy and foul. It worked pretty well I think.
      Hopefully I can spin it out into other warbands and gradually build an army.


  7. WOW, just… WOW!

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  8. […] of our planned RoSD theme is to include a lot of Nurgle themed villains, such as the Circus of Corruption. Witch hunters versus bloated, pagan circus weirdoes sounds like *exactly* the way that I want to […]


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