Shinto Shrine and Lanterns

Laser cut MDF terrain from Blotz were the catalyst required to weather some existing terrain a little and to take a few more photos.

The shrine above is an inexpensive, easily assembled and rather nice kit.  I sprayed most of it on the sprue, partly assembled it, gave it another spray to catch the exposed edges a little, stuck the roof on, did some drybrushing and washing, based it and called it done.

While I was at it I dug out all of the preprinted plastic and card Plastcraft buildings that I assembled last year and did some rudimentary weathering to them.  I really like the Plastcraft range and it really is ready to go after assembly.  The bright red elements of the torii etc and the flatness of the black card roof tiles had been bugging me for a while though, so this was an opportunity to revisit them.

The photo above is oddly focused on the archway to illustrate this.  The pretty straightforward process of washing and drybrushing wasnt very time consuming and was worth doing I think.  The entire terrain set looks better as a result I think.

Lastly I painted four Blotz lanterns too.  I followed precisely the same process for those as I did with the shrine.  I didnt get around to taking dedicated photos of those rather cute little laser cut kits, but they can be seen in the shot below near the koy pond.


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  1. Excellent mate

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  2. Great work here – that table makes for a beautiful, detailed scene.

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    • Thanks Azazel.

      I was watching Sword of Doom (1966) during the week and I noted that I could approximate the external fight scenes rather well with the terrain that I have now.

      That was a bit of a kick 🙂

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  3. This is amazing work. It’s all coming together very well.

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    • This is the first time that I have begun a terrain project from zero, without anything else to be forced to fit. It makes the entire project satisfying in a different way.

      Thanks for the feedback imperialrebelork!

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  4. Lovely as usual. Soooooon.

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  5. Excellent work. The weathering really improves the overall look significantly.

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    • Yes, it does make a difference. I held off doing it initially as I didnt want to needlessly add work that may not be of real benefit. Upon reflection I decided that they needed the little extra.

      Im glad that you approve daggerandbrush 🙂


  6. Wow, that’s a neat terrain store, I don’t think I’d seen their stuff before. They have pieces in a variety of scales too, though 28mm predominates. Their Japanese buildings are great!

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    • I hope that you find some suitable 15mm items Allison.

      It’s easy to miss laser cut terrain suppliers these days as there are so many.


      • First World Problems… “There are too many suppliers for my hobby, I’m missing out on something cool because I don’t know about every single one of them!” 😉 But yes.

        At least 15mm stuff is still a little less common or I’d have some questionable expenses to explain to my wife… and she wouldn’t even be wrong. It’s like that scene from Friends: “Joey, you owe $1100 at I Love Lucite.”

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  7. Well done. Thanks for sharing,

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  8. It’s a beautiful little town you’ve got going there. Keep at it!

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