(Flashing) Enter the Dragon (Rampant)


After thirty years of painting toy soldiers I painted my very first dragon recently, plus its progeny.


The model is part of a dragon related group project that I have been taking part in and so…




Scale Creep” is a new toy soldier related project that I am involved in with a group of productive hobby buddies.

The plan for this new blog is to keep the emphasis on group projects, plus a bit of hobby related schoolboy goofing around too.  The post about this dragon is my first solo contribution to Scale Creep, so pop over and take a look at that and see if it appeals.

The other contributors are talented, interesting and fun guys, so it should feature plenty or worthwhile content as time goes on.

Sho3box isnt going anywhere however and will operate entirely independently of Scale Creep, with overlap here and there as appropriate.

More Shonen Knives are in the pipeline, so expect the next batch of them here soon.


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  1. I am certain I received this dragon as a gift, as a young painter. I think it’s RAFM? Never painted it though, pity. It looks fantastic here.

    Edit: Yep! It’s 01-129 “Celestial Dragon” on page 22 of the 1986 RAFM catalogue.

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    • Im not certain about this, but I think that Ral Partha model is the Celestial Dragon and the Citadel one is the “Oriental Dragon”.

      I could be 100% wrong though.

      Do you still have the model NSA? It could easily be used with 15mm figs, and you have a few fantasy 15mm Im sure. Pirates at the very least.

      Thanks for the feedback!


      • I think its head was last sighted in my bitz box, but otherwise it’s long gone… three decades past, whoof!

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        • I try to use knowledge of the… substantial lead time on some of these projects to galvanise me. There is no point in becoming demoralised by a thirty year lead in time. Its best to use the knowledge gained over that time to prioritise better from now on.
          I know that sounds a bit PBS, a bit “motivational image”, but I reckon it’s the way to deal with it.

          You could paint the head as a 15mm alien skull perhaps, giving it the krayt dragon treatment. After thirty years it might be satisfying to do so.


  2. I love it Paul it really is a great bit of work, I never painted a dragon mate but I did paint the head of one once, it was a dark elf one I think that I put on my sally dread years ago it was one of my favourite models, but needless to say the paint job was nothing like yours.

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    • Thank you Frank.

      For such a staple of a hobby that sprung from “Dungeons & DRAGONS” it is slightly odd not to have painted a dragon until now. The closest that I got before now was smothering a Prince August Smaug in thick enamels in the late eighties. I plan to refurbish that model for my 10mm figs at a later date.


  3. Just commented on Scale Creep, the beast is wonderful. I love the sculpt, but you made it come to life. Those colours match perfectly, and the vibrant tones are sweet. great work!

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    • Thanks Suber!

      Purple and green is a less commonly used combination for whatever reasons. It is striking though.

      The sculpt is a classic pose and design: painted all over in a metallic I could easily see the model sitting on a countertop in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.


  4. Fantastic – that green is beautifully highlighted and really gets the sinuous nature of the sculpt across, and she really is the perfect compliment to the Knives. Love it 🙂

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    • Thanks Alex.
      The sculpt is quite “flat”, quite 2D, so I did as much as I could when painting to suggest depth.
      The Knives are coming along pleasingly thanks, with all sorts of plans in the pipeline.

      Thanks for the feedback Alex!

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  5. Just beautiful. A wonderful rendition of an asian style dragon, and potentially the best painted one I saw on the interbwebz. The greens cales are a dream and I do like the basing. reminds me of corals in a way.

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    • The pink is suggestive of coral I think. The multiple textures on the base may give it a vaguely coral vibe too perhaps.

      Thanks for the kind words daggerandbrush!


  6. Brilliant work,,,, fits in nicely and looks good in and of itself. I love the baby dragon as well…

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