Rare Miniatures For Sale

A brother of a hobbyist friend of mine is going through some very serious medical procedures at the moment.  It is putting serious financial pressure on his family at a time when they have a lot more important things to be thinking about.

Some friends and I have supplied some toy soldier items – often limited or unreleased items – for Ebay auction this week, with all proceeds going directly to the family involved.  The link to the ‘Love For A Brother’s Brother Charity Thing’ auctions is here.

Check it out to see if there is anything that takes your fancy and know that if you do indulge, that it is for a good cause.

If the items for sale are not quite your thing then feel free to contribute to the gofundme charity fundraiser if you like.

Thanks for reading.




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  1. Fair play to you all Paul & the best of luck with the sales.

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  2. Now that is what it means to be in a community… I’ll be putting my hands in my pocket, one way or’t other.

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  3. Wow, those are pretty nice. And pretty old school. I see the “Space Marine with Guitar” is in the mix, a real relic of the days when the Company took itself a little less seriously 😉

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    • Folks have been very generous in the figures that they donated. As you mentioned NSA, there really are some very desirable items available. I have an eye on the marine with the guitar myself, it would look right at home in Château Sho3box…

      Some more items are due to go up in a few days too I believe.


  4. I have a bid on the Ogryn hybrid. Good luck with fundraising 👍

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  5. Wow just seen the price that Ogryn finally went for. Well done whoever got it 🙂

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    • Yeah, the prices varied in ways that I wouldnt have been able to predict, but the ogryn hybrid did go for a very nice price. I didnt see that coming, even though it is a nice model.

      And it went to a good cause, which is great. Hopefully you can track one down TMW.


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