Colony 87 Gargouille


Its a nurture versus nature thing.  Was I born predisposed to think that tiny, blue, reptilian-winged, space-babies with large automatics are “awsumz”?  The truth may never be known.


I was given this promotional miniature by Axiom of Colony 87 fame after participating in a game that he ran at a recent event that I attended.  Is it a fallen angel?  A weird mutant?  An odd psychic alien drawn to characters of repute?  Who knows?  All this post does is generate more questions.


I dont know if the Gargouille is promotional availability only or if it will go on general release – I try not to look gift tiny flying babies with guns in the mouth – but it was a fun model to paint, so I hope that more people get a chance to slap some paint on one.

“You dont think my huge weapon is funny now do ya? Well? Do ya?!”

I think that maybe I should have added a facial tattoo or make up to the paint job, like the little fellow in the image below.  The colur scheme might need another focal point really.  The blue also ended up a little chalkier than I intended.  I might go back to fix that and add some marking to the little guy yet, but for now its finished.


The Gargouille is rather small – thats a 20mm base.  A fun model to paint and one that I am looking forward to getting on the table soon.



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  1. Very nice, I must try to get my hands on one!! Nice painting too, the make up idea is good, or you could paint a bright stripe on the pistol perhaps…
    As to the nature v nurture, I’m not sure. I am unable to say what I would have thought of this concept before seeing this, and all the JB illustrations over the years, but perhaps that is to philosophise too far; for now it seems enough to agree that armed flying space babies are, indeed, awesome.

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    • I was trying to add some orange to the scheme with the corroded, rusty gun, but I was too subtle. Thats a problem that rarely comes up, too gaudy and extreme yes, to subtle, not so much generally.

      Its definitely JB illustrations that have made me regard this sort of thing as something that is A) sci-fi and B) exciting. And a bit of codswallop pop philosphy in relation to my “pew pew” inducing toy soldiers is always to be encouraged I think 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback Warburton!

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  2. So wish I hadn’t rolled all those ones!!! He looks good, Paul.

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  3. Nice fun looking model Paul fits right in with a lot of your stuff.

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    • Yeah, the slowing but inexorably growing cast of grimdark weirdos is very satisfying to me. This guys does fit in nicely, thanks 🙂


  4. Aw man, that is too cool, I love it! Nice job fella 😉

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    • Thanks Alex.

      The model is a fun little thing, Im looking forward to getting it on the table. I imagine that the little guy has top script writers and regularly has something “cool” to say, like Samuel L. Jackson.

      In fact lets call the little guy Samuel.

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  5. Hey, I didn’t know of that one! Pretty nice! Should have seen that coming from Axiom 😀

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    • Its definitely in keeping with the sorts of figures that Axiom/Colony 87 is producing. Its the first overtly armed C87 figure now that I think of it.

      Im glad that you like it anyway Suber. I hope to follow your lead and get some of the rest of the C87 figures painted soon.


  6. He looks great Paul. The blue almost glows! He also looks great on the smaller base. I often use larger bases, but don’t ever recall using a tiny one for tiny things. Glad to see him painted in such short order 🙂

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    • Thanks Jon, Im glad that it gets the C87 seal of approval.

      Re bases, I like to let the size of the model be the only thing that determines the base size. Im not keen on game systems that use base size as a factor, its usually a bogus thing for a tabletop rule set be concerned about in my opinion. Correspondingly, I like to use 20mm circular bases on smaller figures when appropriate.

      Re painting the little guy in a short time frame, well I didnt want a repeat of Powder Monkey-gate ;D


  7. An interesting 40k nugget, so he is.A very nice little fellow to have in a collection.

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    • Thanks Mr S. Samuel will make a sensational sidekick for a bounty hunter or Rogue Trader I think, coming soon to a tabletop near you.


  8. What a great creepy little thing. I think the blue looks great.

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  9. This guy was totally awesome! I truly enjoy the whole blog as well I just noticed 🙂 Great job and so much inspiration!


  10. Want one, want one, want one!!!!

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