More Divershuns


I decided to add three more pieces to the earlier “Divershun” hazard marker (also pictured).

These tiny diorama things were not a requirement for the weekends gaming, but I felt an urge to put them together, so I did.


In case it isnt obvious, the intention was to make hazard markers for a racing game taking place this weekend (the event that Speed Raceork and the Mork 5 were prepared for), inspired by the dirty tricks seen in various cartoons and the like, particularly Wacky Races and Stop the Pigeon!

Adult supervision required.

Adult supervision required.

Firstly I added a guy spreading glue around the track with a brush.  I also added a little unfortunate green guy accidentally/intentionally adhered to the blacktop.

The malicious looking squirt with the brush (not easily visible in the above shot, but easily seen in the other images) is a Foundry orcling/snorkling and the guy in a sticky situation is from a Mantic Orx Marauders sprue.  The drum of “gloo” is from the Mantic Battlezones kits.

The third and final hazard was inspired by another classic Wacky Races idea:


The little green guys are both Foundry Snorklings (actually Im not 100% certain about the guy with the shovel, but I am pretty sure).  The crate is from Antenocitis workshop.  The “tackz” are made from a load of cocktail stick points glued to a slope of green stuff (as visible in the WIP shot).

Bare feet not compatible with Deathrace H&S stabdards.

Bare feet not compatible with Deathrace H&S standards.

I also painted a little grot attendant from the 1990 or so era of 40k orks, the guy with the chequered flag.  I forgot to photograph him solo (Im currently supposed to be doing more sensible things than posting idiotic models like these, so I am rushing) but he can be seen in the other images.

Speed Raceork, Chim-chim and their totally legitimate and definitely not suspicious pit crew.

Speed Raceork, Chim-chim and their totally legitimate and definitely not suspicious pit crew.

Thats the last bit of workon the expanded Speed Raceork project I suspect.  Now off to pack them ready for international infamy.


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  1. So much love for these. You’ve perfectly captured the Wacky Races vibe!

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    • Thanks Mikko. Tiny diorama type things like this really are a pleasure to work on. Add in Kev Adams goblinoids and they become one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby for me.


      • Yeah, the humour here is over the top. I love it 🙂 Those goblinoids are like the “Yakkity Sax” of wargaming – they make anything funny 😉

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        • Precisely. A Benny HIll/Yakkity Sax approach to wargaming very much appeals to me. The unimaginative occasionally look down on a shenanigans filled slapstick approach, not understanding that it can happen concurrently with taking a game and its mechanics seriously enough for it to work as a game.

          The people who are really very good at that sort of humour – Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer for example – show exactly why you have to be smart to make things that dumb funny.

          Which is a high fallutin’ way of saying that I like funny toy soldiers 🙂

          Thanks for yet another astute observation NSA 🙂


  2. I can see the race now & how cool it will be, great work mate.

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    • Thanks Frank! There are some really nice vehicles taking part in the Deathrace, it’s going to be fun to look at. I’ll take some photos 🙂


  3. Love it – good luck for the weekend!

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  4. Bravo! Absolute pieces of genius. I love how they look, you have quite a talent for this stuff. Looking forward to seeing them in action!

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    • I do find that I enjoy working on projects like this more than most. I think that a little of the pleasure that I get from it shows.
      Thanks for the feedback!


  5. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the race!

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  6. Excellent work😀

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  7. As usual stunning work. The mini dioramas are wonderful. My favourite is the poor Goblin attached to the road, but that idea with the stacks is also awesome. Brushwork is as always flawless. How long did it take you to paint these guys?

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    • I dont focus very well and I tend to work on very many things at once, while also trying to watch TV, reading a book and making dinner simultaneously. As a result I find it tough to put a precise time on how long those took me to paint.

      Excluding assembly and undercoating I the three additional pieces in this post painted over the course of a day spent at home. So maybe, roughly about five hours to paint those three, maybe, roughly.

      Thanks daggerandbrush, Im glad that you like them.


      • If you watch TV, do you work on the couch? If so, do you have a good setup for this? I would liek to do more from the comfort of bed or couch, but it is hard to get good light.


        • My painting chair (an adjustable office chair) and desk are set up in the living room by the window. Having the TV on slows my output, but it works for me for a few other reasons. Just dont try to watch anything with subtitles, obviously.

          Painting on the couch would wreck my back I suspect, I dont do that.


  8. Lovely work, as always. I can’t help but be impressed by the quality of your work, even for the stuff that is basically just scenery / objective markers.

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    • I do occasionally paint things like terrain to a very noticeably lower standard that my gaming pieces, but with items like this I tend to get carried away and paint them like everything else. Such fun subjects demand the attention really I think.

      Thanks for the kind feedback Argentbadger!


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