The Saturday morning animated motor racing theme continues today…

I have very many things that I should be painting at the moment, but I decided to do this the a few evenings ago, so its a “divershun” in more ways than one.


The model is supposed to represent some underhanded ploy being used by the greenskin faction in a race, in the style of Dastardly and Muttley and their ilk.  It may be used in the game that Speed Raceork is taking part in soon, or it may not.  It doesnt matter really, I just had an idea and decided to assemble and paint it.  It only took an evening in front of the TV to complete anyway.


My wife thinks that the little guy is cute.  She particularly likes his tiny, baby like arse (if babies were green).

The little green guy is a Foundry Orcling/Snorkling and it quite tiny.  Its a great little Kev Adamas sculpt.  I forgot to take a snap alongside some other models, but take it from me when I say that its small, about 12mm maybe.


Its tempting to make a series of these to be honest, a grot emptying a box of tacks or spraying oil onto the track maybe, that sort of thing.


I need to focus on a few other miniature projects first though.  A series of these would be fun however, so I have set wheels in motion and I am acquiring more mischievous looking space goblin types… watch this space.


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  1. Yum, that dirty yellow.

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  2. He looks good. Lovely sign. I thought first of Mr. Bunny saying, “Eh, he went that a way” as he misdirected a panting Mugsy, but the cartoon reference is immediately obvious. I look forward to more. 🙂

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    • I assembled a couple more companion pieces for this last night, but U dont know if I will get around to painting them before I head to the event that they will be used for, but I hope to. Fingers crossed.

      Thansk for the feedback David.


  3. Classic, even if Speed Raceork, being a serious competitor is above such shenanigans Sgt. Ernie Blorko would definitely be all over this. I’m intrigued by the idea of their being a green skin faction, maybe we can put aside differences and work together, at least until the finish line looms ahead.

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    • Definitely. If there is one thing that greenskins are well known for, its cooperation…

      Thanks for the feedback Erny, Ill see you on the track.


  4. Nice execution mate, made me smile 😀

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  5. Very fun! excellent work 🙂

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  6. It takes some serious talent coming up with a piece like this one; out of scratch, just random senseless pieces and then… a tiny masterpiece. Bravo!

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    • Thanks for the kind feedback Suber 🙂

      It does help to have a room filled with senselessly random items for assembly though. When a silly idea occurs I often have something suitable in stock.

      It was a fun piece to briefly work on. Hopefully I wil get some more added soon.


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