Avaran Treebeast, Grogan Convict Thug and Yndij Reaver for DreadBall Xtreme

L to R: Avaran Treebeast, Yndij Reaver, Convict Grogan Thug

L to R: Avaran Treebeast, Yndij Reaver, Convict Grogan Thug

In December I finished these three pieces for the newly released DreadBall Xtreme.  

I rushed taking the photos, so the images are a bit ropier than usual.  You should be able to see whats going on though.


DBX teams are more of a mix and match affair than the fixed rosters in original DreadBall (DBO).  Free Agents are not MVPs/Star Players as such, just other standard players that can be included in various teams, like this Yndij Reaver.

Although I have a few other armed Yndij models from Deadzone, I had yet to paint any of them before this one.  I experimented with a couple of ideas before settling on this simple scheme.  It works adequately and is different from the scheme used by Mantic for their four eyed space monkey cats, which is a plus from my perspective.  I prefer my models to look unique if I can manage it.


Another Free Agent, the concept of the Avaran Treebeast is currently right up my street.  Operating an “if it aint broke” philosophy, I painted this model in the same colours that I have been using for my recent space treepeople project.  I think that it worked out pretty well here too, even if the “tongue” looks a bit phallic, like a stamen I suppose.

Foaks - Treepeople from Spaaaace.

Foaks – Treepeople from Spaaaace.

I will have to get another one of the Treebeast models for adding to my skirmish forces, rather than just underground futuristic sporting.  I quite like it, its a fun model.


Lastly, this Grogan is not a Free Agent but part of the Convict team.  The Mantic Convict Team colour scheme is a classic prison orange trousers and white vest affair.  As I didnt want my Convict team to look the same as the team on the cover of the box, I decided to go for other pop culture prison influences.



PrisonArrowPantsThe horizontally striped trousers work well in this context I think.  They look quite theatrical, which is appropriate for DreadBall players.  The arrow on the shirt adds a little interest.  As many of the Convict models are non-human, it will be fun to vary the skin tones a lot around the neutral black and white outfit when I get around to painting the entire team.


I decided to paint the Grogan skin pink rather than the sandy tones that I have seen them in.  I didnt go for pink for any reason other than that I was in the mood to paint some pink really, even though I do like how it turned out.  That said, when I showed the painted figure to my wife she assumed that I had painted it as a reference to the Green Lantern Kilowog.  It wasnt intentional, but I guess that is pretty much exactly what I did on some sort of subconscious level.

It could be worse, I like Kilowog.

EDIT: one of these models showed up in a Mantic publicity shot recently…



18 Responses

  1. I like the striped trousers. I’m not immediately familiar with either the Grogan or Kilowog, but I think he came out swimmingly. Easily my favorite of a good bunch.

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    • Thanks David.

      Now that I look at the three together again after a couple of weeks I realise that they are each painted using slightly different techniques. I find it interesting that the feedback doesn’t show a clear favourite as yet.

      They are a fun batch 🙂


  2. The tongue is wrong in all the right ways. I love it.

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    • Yeah. It’s a wiener. But mentioning it’s a wiener is culturally insensitive by galactic standards of tact and may get you shot

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      • Like a culturally insensitive but well meaning elderly relative, I am quite happy to discuss ol’ Weiner trees mouth-schlong.
        Where would we all be without phalluses? Nowhere, that’s where.


    • I agree Timothy 🙂

      I think that the tongue functions in a prehensile fashion (or maybe more like a triffids attack, I can’t fully remember right now) in rules terms, which adds a bit to the schoolyard humour. I can be easily amused sometimes.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Wow… Spectacular work! I love the dramatic extreme highlighting, especially on the Yndij’s (my favorite figure) armor and the similarly colored veins on the treebeast.

    The Foak are a great idea and as has been said before, your use of Tyranid weapon arms to convert them is cleverly unorthodox. I have a bunch of those plastic claw arms gathering dust, I should have sent you them along with “that figure”.

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    • Thanks No Such Agency, I’m glad that you like them.

      I tried painting “that figure” without extreme highlights last weekend and had to and the little guy to the paint stripper. I find orange hard to get right and trying to get a match for a movie costume made it harder. The repaint will be a more theatrical take, more like the painting here.

      The kit bashing withe dryad and tyranid parts did work out rather well didn’t it? More of those in the pipeline too.


      • I was lazy and just used Blood Red on him. Something more orangey would work well I think. I’ve been working on my use of orange lately, and no it’s not easy although at least you don’t have to worry about your highlights looking “pink”.

        Do you need any more Tyranid arms? I could send you some, I doubt postage would be significant. Assuming I can find them in my boxes of crap, that is.

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        • If you have a few Tyranid arms spare and easily to hand then maybe we could sort something out, thanks for the offer. I probably have plenty to keep me going for quite a while yet if I am realistic.

          I actually have a few 15mm sci-fi bits that I picked up by osmosis lately that you are welcome to if you want them. In fact, I will dig them out and send them to you whether you like it or not now that I think about it. I will email you.


  4. I think what I like the most is the skin of the Grogan ! It’s a very interesting “stripped” effect and it makes him very alien.
    Overall you have a very unique style. One can’t look at those and not recognizing you’re behind it ! Very much congrats, they’re superb.

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    • Thank you for the kind words Vinsssounet. Painting brightly coloured areas in that layered, quite painterly fashion is something that largely grew out of how I have been painting ork skin for the last few years. It takes a little time, but adds a visual texture that I like, so I use it occasionally just because I like it..

      I tend to have trouble painting human skin. Because I usually dont paint more than faces and hands on the sci-fi figures that I tend to favour and also because an approach like on the grogan above doesnt tend to look “right”, I tend not to enjoy painting largely naked human models.

      With so much of our brain tuned to observing things in human appearance, I find painting human flesh tones quite limiting. Seven foot, pink, indentured, alien sports convicts on the other hand allow free rein 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback.


  5. I also very much enjoy the striped skin texture. Great way to add some interest. As usual yoir brushwork is outstanding and thr extreme highlights are what makes it your style. No chance to take your work for someone else.
    The phallus tree thing 😉 is also excellent. Really looks like some kind of spore mother. I think xou differentiated the busy sculpt well with your painting and achieved an overall pleasant effect.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement daggerandbrush.

      A few people have mentioned how I paint as being distinctive at this point. Im not really certain how and when (or even if) it happened. I certainly didnt set out to go for something intentionally different. Overall I am happier with my modern output over the last few years than I have ever been before though, so thats good. I love it when I see other peoples hobby work that I enjoy, so I am glad that what I do appeals to other folks.


  6. Great stuff! Still need to test Dreadball, I heard lots of good things about it 🙂


    • Original DreadBall is great fun (I have yet to plat DreadBall Xtreme), I love it.

      Some teams are a little better than others, but it doesnt tend to be too egregious. I politely suggest that your first games use Corporation (human) and Veer-myn and the rules from the basic game. I guarantee a lot of great fun, tense but not head melting, hour long games with that combo.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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