Epic Ork Stormboyz

6mm Blood Axe Stormboyz

Epic / 6mm Blood Axe Stormboyz

“Raz” on the Lead Adventure Forum was working on some Epic Stormboyz, planning to add smoke plumes coming from the jump packs.  I remembered that I had these guys packed away and decided to take a photo for reference.  So I decided to put the photo up here.  I think that they still look cool seventeen years later.

The photo is gigantic by the way, mostly because that way you can see the camo pattern that I painted on them back in 1997 🙂


3 Responses

  1. The are gorgeous jobs. Moar pics pls!


    • Thanks. Surely you saw these in hand at some point in the past? Maybe not.

      I will attempt to get a photo retrospective done on them in the shot term. I have a small force of them that won best army at a GW GT in 1997.


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