Necron Lord Hector Decimal


Lord Hector Decimal addresses his troops using traditional binary cant.

Hector is the leader of my skirmish sized Necron force.  I traded for the model which was originally supplied as part of one of the plastic croissant shaped Necron vehicle kits.


L to R: Space Crusade Chaos Android, Necron Lord, Necron Warrior.

The Necron aesthetic has got more ornate in recent years and panto villain leaders have taken the place of the mute and faceless Lords that used to be in charge.  There was online bitching and moaning about this change as you might expect, but I am in favor of that shift.  Who wants to spend all of that time assembling and painting a force that literally has no character?  Not me.

Lord Decimal rolls his optics at yet another report of botched plans by his second in command (an original metal GW Necron Warrior).

Lord Decimal rolls his optics at yet another report of botched plans.

This cloaked, crystal ball and glaive wielding mech looks like all of his nefarious schemes will be bungled by his his incompetent minions every Saturday morning.  I like him all the more for it.

Hector is a little further removed in concept from the Skynet influences than most of the previous miniatures for the project.  Daft as the Terminator setting is, even the seriously thick Skynet AI is unlikely to start issuing capes to future human killing robot designs.  That said Skynet taught a newly forming AI to sing “Donald Wheres Your Troosers” in an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles (1.07 in to the video), so anything is possible.

The figure is off the peg apart from the addition of a 30mm base.  The supplied 25mm base is far too small for the larger Necrons like Hector.  Speaking of the larger Necron models, I have a few of those in the pipeline.  They are similarly ornate miniatures to Hector here, so I added some height to his base, something that I dont normally do.  With the cape and the increased height there should be no mistaking who is in charge.

“We meet again… for the last time!“

“We meet again… for the last time!“


4 Responses

  1. 0x43 0x51 0x51 0x4C!

    Is that an apple, btw? =)


    • Its an Apple //e 😉 Hector rolls it around the back of his hand like Bowie in Labyrinth, before he polishes and eats it. Its a “Resurrection Orb” in the GW background.

      You have called my bluff with your hexadecimal comments Im afraid Mattias. I did a little coding about a decade ago, but it wasnt for me and I have forgotten all of it.

      Vaguely relevant is that there was a baddie in the old CG cartoon Reboot called “Hexadecimal”. I didnt watch Reboot very often but I suspect that Hector and Hexadecimal would have a similar Saturday morning cartoon attitude to executing their plans


  2. […] Lord Hector Decimal does have a certain je ne sais quoi, a fusewire moustache twirling panache. Its an off-the-peg-model though, the plastic lord that is supplied as an option as part of one of the croissant shaped Necron kits. Dastardly. […]


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