Malifaux: Death Marshal 2

My second Death Marshal.

These guys are quasi-undead, corrupted by the power that they wield.  I went with a blueish skin tone (like I might use for a ghoul, vampire or zombie) to emphasise that these guys are not truly human.

This figure is supplied with his hat unattached.  I stupidly glued it on before painting the figure, which made the face very hard to paint.  Not that it really matters that much, as the figures face will never really be seen.  I wont make that error with future cowboy hat attachment though.

The Marshal figures were the main reason that bought the Lady Justice starter set.  At the time I had no definite intention of playing Malifaux, but the Death Marshals looked like just the thing for my post-apocalyptic, Cursed Earth cowboy terrain and figures.  The poses are fun too, dynamic and comic book-y.

Another Lady Justice figure goes up tomorrow.


6 Responses

  1. That’s a nice pose – not completely convinced by the whole coffin thing though!


    • And who could blame you Donogh 🙂

      When I initially assembled these figures I had no intention of playing Malifaux, so I actually kept the coffins to one side so that I could use the to decorate the exterior of Standard Falls undertakers.

      When the opportunity to play Malifaux came up I found that the Death Marshals cast spells that banish necromantic types to the coffins in game. So I re-assembled the models using the coffins to go with the theme.

      Conceptually the coffin attack is a bit mad, but as the Malifaux-verse goes up to eleven a bit, I have decided to roll with it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Coffin or not, I echo Donogh here! That’s one definition of cool right there.


    • The over the top, pose-facing-the-camera-while-explosions-happen-behind-me sculpts of the Death Marshals were the tipping point for my first Malifaux purchase.

      If anybody can get away with carrying a wooden coffin around with them, then its probably one of these cats.

      Another coffin-obsessed cowboy goes up tomorrow followed by an eighties arena rock chick on Sunday.


      • They don’t just carry them around. They throw them, in combat.

        It was a selling point for me too.


        • Do they?!? 😀

          I thought that they snuck up next to Ressurectionists, whispered a quiet incantation and sucked them into the coffin in the Ghostbusters trap stylee. I didnt realise that they actually throw them at people too.

          Fun figures whatever way you look at them. Thanks for the clarification 🙂


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