Plans for 2012

I was looking at the miniatures plans for 2012 at Phreedhs Mini Stuff the other day and two things struck me:

  1. thats a very big list.
  2. I also have a very big list of plans that I will be lucky to complete a fraction of.

But I decided to make a list anyway.  While I have an interest in completing all of these projects, it really is hard to say which ones will bubble to the top.  Sometime the obvious projects dont hit the table properly for years, while the oddball ones occasionally get done in a surprise bout of enthusiasm.

So below is a list of projects from which my output this year is likely to come, in no particular order.


Adeptus Mechanicus:  I spent a big wad of money on Mechanicus related figures last summer when I had a little bit of spare cash.  As I have already done a pretty big chunk of work on these guys they probably get my vote for “Most Likely to Actually Get Done in “2012”.

Gears of War: like Doom: the Boardgame before it Gears of War: the Boardgame is supplied with ~28mm scale miniatures.  The quality of the figures for the Gears game is a big step up from Doom.  Despite the failings of the Gears of War video games I do still enjoy them an awful lot, so painting up the Locust bad guys from the boardgame is something that I am looking forward to.

Dreadfleet: another boardgame, Dreadfleet consists of a variety of improbable pirate ships having ridiculous fights.   It sounds like fun to me and as a project of finite size it has a clear start, middle and end.  What does hamper this is that it isnt sci-fi.  I find it rare that I get enthused enough about non-sci-fi projects to get working on them.  It will happen at some stage, but I dont know when.  This project gets my “Least Likely to Actually Get Done in “2012” award.

Judge Dredd: I made very successful headway into my Judge Dredd project last year, but I still have loads to do.  As well as more judges I have lots of perps to do.  Apes, robots, mutants, gang members, batters, fatties… the list is huge.  As I have made quite a bit of progress with this project already it seems likely that more progress will be made throughout 2012.

Inquisitor Warbands: I have been reading 40K fiction recently and I have been taken with the idea of playing some games involving Inquisitors and their retinues in James Bond like scenarios, but not using actual Warhammer 40,000 or Inquisitor rules (for obvious reasons).  It is a nice way to get to paint figures that are definitively 40K but that rarely show up on the tabletop, like Astropaths or Navigators or whatever.  I have a ruleset in mind and a whole cast of guys that will each make nice quick sub-projects themselves, so this one looks likely to be tackled.  In fact my recently painted assassin fits right in here, so its started already really.

Standard Falls post-apocalyptic terrain: I have a load more post apoc terrain bits and plans sitting in a box that are crying out to be assembled and painted.  I also plan to revisit my dreaded post apocalyptic fort to work on some of the elements that I am least happy with.  Before I tackle any of that however I want to finish my…

Zuzzy Mats: I bought two of these last year.  I suspect that painting them wont take more than a day or two each, with most of that being drying time.  Until I get those done I wont be tackling any other terrain elements.

Graveyard Terrain:  I plan to quickly paint enough graveyard terrain pieces to populate a 4×4′ table.  I hope that Inquisitors can investigate cult activity around them and the like.  It will also be suitable for Buffy games whenever I get around to that.

Colonial Marines: always bridesmaids these guys, they never seem to get the attention that they deserve chez sho3box.  Right now I dont think that I will get to them in 2012, but with Prometheus coming out maybe that will get me back focused on those tough hombres.

Riddick: this is a bit of a cheat as it involves only one figure.  I recently decided that I actually like the Riddick franchise, which surprised me as much as it probably surprised you.  With that in mind I want to paint my own miniature version of the character.  The figure will fit in nicely to the Dredd and Inquisitor projects.

Titans: researching my Adeptus Mechanicus project got me thinking about playing some more games of “Mighty Monsters” and its upcoming sister ruleset “Samurai Robot Battle Royale” using 40K titans.  I have a load of suitable scenery pieces waiting for paint so those and the titans themselves constitute yet another project that I would like to get off the ground.

Zombies: I always seem to come back to these guys.  With Resident Evil 6 and Operation Raccoon City lined up for release on Xbox this year it seems that I will not be short of inspiration to get working on more living impaired.


So, loads of stuff to do there.  Some of it will definitely get done.  When it does I will document it here.

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