Malifaux: Death Marshal 1

Death Marshals are Malifaux law enforcers that have particular issues with the undead and practicers of necromancy.  In order to deal with this threat they have learned enough about the dark arts to become capable of banishing zombies and the like.

This knowledge in turn has warped them into ghoulish characters themselves.  The most worrying evidence of these quasi-dead cowboys altered mental state is that they deem it practical to carry a coffin on or about their person at all times.

“Impractical!” you cry.  “Absurd!” you scream. “Why do they do that?” you utter.  “Meh, whatever.  Its kinda funny.” I mumble.

My Death Marshal paint jobs turned out ok, but not as nice as I would have liked.  Problems included:

Browns: as my miniatures tastes tend to be of the science fiction variety I have rarely painted that much brown over the years.  Brown isnt a sci-fi uniform colour as far as I am concerned, so I have tended not to paint that many things in brown tones.  These guys are covered in browns so getting the right highlight mixes and the like took a bit more trial and error than I would like.  This in turn impacted on my patience and the corresponding paint job quality.  Its alright, but could be better.

Coffin-dodging: I rushed through painting the coffins, and it shows.

Clumsiness: these are heavily detailed, fragile, skinny, multipart miniatures.  I didnt manage to break any of the smaller parts off the figure while painting, but they did make painting the various areas awkward.  The guy above was more of a pain in the ass to paint than one might expect.

Some more Guild figures go up over the next three days.  In the meantime I encourage you to comment or criticise please.


8 Responses

  1. You may call the coffin a rush job, but I think it came out pretty okay!
    I really like the pose of this marshal. Good work on him mate!


    • Its a pretty cool pose alright, straight out of a comic or anime.

      Thanks for the feedback Lord Siwoc. I hope that you like the rest of the crew when they go up.


  2. Very keen. I did my Marshals in a lot of grays, and have never been happy with the results. Those browns really brought out the sculpt a lot better.


    • Thanks PMMDJ.

      I went with a pretty classic cowboy look on these guys, which to me tends to mean browns. I used the same three brown colours on each marshal, but varied whether it went on the hat, trousers or duster.

      I was tempted to go with grey on the dusters buy as I knew that the flesh and hair tones were going to be greyscale I had to go with something else to give them definition.

      I went with white on Judges duster which helps to make him stand out from the Marshals. It also ties him in a little the colours that I used for Lady J.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Nice paintjobs, but I never understood the thing about Malifaux. I’m not at all enamoured by VSF and steam punk though, could be why. =)


    • I absolutely get why you dislike Steampunk. I can take or leave it. It seems likely to be one of those things that will seem terribly of-its-time in a few years as its relative “hotness” declines (if it hasnt already).

      That said, Malifaux is a mash-up. Its at least as much horror and/or Western (and even anime/manga) as it is VSF.

      VSF/Steampunk doesnt really put me up or down, but cowboy ninja types that parry bullets while roundhousing zombies and cartwheeling over robots, Samurai Jack style is definitely the sort of thing that I like, so its what I focus on.

      Even if the setting isnt your thing, I am sure that you can appreciate that some of the figures sculpted for the game are exceptionally nice. I mean, I can appreciate a nice Frodo sculpt even if I would likely have to be stapled to the painting table before I would paint one 🙂

      I am unaware of the “thing about Malifaux” but I am guessing that it was the cool kid on the block for a while, was it? Apparently Malifaux has a few vocal online fanboys too. I havent come across any of that myself as of yet, but I can imagine those factors putting people off.

      As always Mattias, thank you for the feedback. I am looking forward to seeing your Lead Painters League entries!


      • Guess I could’ve been clearer in my phrasing. I understand the pull of Malifaux miniatures, but don’t like the style myself. I’m ignorant of (and indifferent to) the game, setting and rules system. As such, I too am unaware of the “thing about Malifaux”. Never ran into any fan boys. =D

        I’m sure stapling you to the table would do nothing to improve your disposition towards Frodos.

        Regarding my LPL entries, I’m actually looking at them now. First three teams are done, I’m just finishing off the bases tonight and then I’ll take some photos of them this weekend. Rather pleased with them, even if I had a hell of a tough time painting white on what’s most likely a bunch of recast dwarfs. =(


        • Actually I have a 12 strong BB team of Halflings that I painted a lifetime ago that I must photograph. So my disposition to Frodos as stated was hyperbole on my part 🙂

          Recast 1980s dwarfs sound like a pain in the ass project. It also sounds like the name of a band. I hope that they were worth it.


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