Right Now: Death Marshals


This is what I am working on right now. Fiddly miniatures with lots if detail. Hopefully they will be worth it.

(I am experimenting with short posts of WIPs like this via my phone, almost like tweeting but less frequent and hopefully a lot less dull.  If they work out then great. If not then be sure to let me know.)


6 Responses

  1. Kind of like it, although the pic is too small to really tell what’s going on. Despite your own comment about verbal diarrhea, I really enjoy reading your longer posts. So while posts like these do somewhat serve to quiet my Sho3box cravings, I must say I prefer something more substantial.


    • Thank you Mikko, thats exactly the sort of feedback that I am looking for. I appreciate your considered response.

      Another problem as I see it is that the internet is awash with short, pointless posts about minutae, so I am wary about cotributing further to that morass.

      There is a place for small visual posts about WIPs I think. Whether it is here like this or not requires more consideration.


  2. It all depends really. I would enjoy the post more if the shot was higher res and the minis were interesting to me. As I don’t care for Malifaux, I just shrug and wait for the next update. If it had been vintage lead, I would’ve wanted to zoom in on the details.

    I guess you can compare this to my “weekly tally” posts, where I photograph whatever I got during the week and then do a tally of painted vs acquired. It’s not really interesting in and of itself, but it serves its purpose as a motivational exercise for me and it also keeps the blog moving even if I’m not posting new paint jobs due to the LPL.

    I find a nice rule of thumb is “would I want to see this post on someone else’s blog?”.


    • Thanks for the feedback Mattias.

      This post was mainly an investigation into how the process works, how convenient it is or isnt and whether the result is worth posting. The best way to find out was to simply try it out and then discuss it, so thanks for helping out.

      The lo-res issue might be something that I can tweak. Doing it from my phone is something that I am new to, as is the WordPress app. Using the phone to post seems to take a lot of the control away. I will look into it.

      The issue with the miniatures chosen is always going to be a matter of taste, so that is just one of those things. The likelihood of old Olley Warhammer Fantasy stuff showing up here is low, but you knew that already 🙂 Coincidentally though I do have an eighties 40k Olley figure going up on Wednesday.

      Keeping the blog moving is important but including too many filler posts is a mistake I think. I do enjoy seeing a limited amount of WIPs on other blogs but I dont like it when the ratio of WIP posts to finished product posts is too high. Its a balancing act.

      A large reason for my blogging in the first place is for self motivational purposes, but I dont want to post loads of crap just for the sake of it either.

      I think that there is some potential for posts like this, but a lot of tuning will have to go into it. I am undecided if it is worth it.


  3. Btw, what do you use those paperclips for? =)


    • Usually I use them purely to clutter my painting area further…

      When I eventually grow tired of that I bring them downstairs to the miniature assembly area in the Mancave to use for pinning and the like.


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