Judge Fire

Judge Fire

Like Judges Death, Fear and Mortis, Judge Fire is a supernatural Dark Judge.  Where Mortis shtick is a familiar-for-the-trope, accelerated necrosis thing, Fear can scare people to death and Judge Death is just plain old badass, Judge Fires raison d’etre is the barbecue of every living thing in creation.  Literally every living thing, no exceptions.  Thats commitment.

Judge Fire renders his comrades backlit.

Judge Fire is always depicted in a head to toe state of combustion.  While his form is physical (he isnt composed of “living flame” or any of that jazz) he is only ever visible as a smouldering, coal like figure in weird Judges garb.

Is this the end for Judge Dredd…

…no, I thought not.

I started painting Judge Fire with a black undercoat.  I intended to paint the dark inner areas first and work outwards, common miniature painting practice.  This was a mistake.  I found it difficult to get the flames looking how I wanted them to.

I finished the figure like this but wasnt sure.  The following morning I took a look and still wasnt certain.  I then went to work and looked up a few articles on painting miniature flame and subsequently popped the figure into one of my paint stripping jars.

A couple of days later I cleaned off the paint, sprayed the figure white, painted the flame effect all over the figure and subsequently painted Fires charcoal like body.  I am much happier with how the figure looks now.


Please ignore the unfinished base: I got an unexpected opportunity to take a couple of photos and so jumped at it before I tidied up the basing.

Fire was the last of my Dark Judges (for now).  As such I took a group shot of the four of them, plus  a shot of the four flanked by a couple of Mega City One Judges, just for the sake of comparison.

Deadworld Justice Department

MC1 and Deadworld Judge Comparison Shot

I think the Dark Judges look good as a group.  A very satisfying sub-project, even if it gave me more than a few headaches in the execution.


8 Responses

  1. Fire looks very nice and the group shot is lovely. To echo your previous comment, congratulations on finishing a project – what’s next?


    • Thanks Mikko. The group shot reminds me a little of a classic Bolland spread:


      Next up for Dredd is likely to be a pair of Lawmasters, a pair of cadets and Judge Anderson. Probably.

      The possibility of regular games of Malifaux came up a few days ago, so I started work on a set of those figures that I bought a few years ago. I am about halfway through finishing those five figures so they should get posted up soon.

      I have also finished some other figures recently, some sci-fi, some zombie related and some oddball 40K types. They will all be going up here over the next while. Progress has been good for 2012 so far 🙂


  2. Great job mate, the flames turned out really well! Can only agree on 2012. I’ve got 19 models done so far – that’s quite a lot in comparison to last year.


    • Thanks Mattias, I am pleased with how Fire turned out. He looks very much like how he looks in the comics.

      I have painted about fourteen figures since Xmas, the majority of which have been individual colour schemes so thats not too bad.

      Good job on your nineteen so far. The Lead Painters League requires fifty painted miniatures at a minimum, with more required to get the bonus points so you are going to have to churn a lot out over the next couple of months. Good luck with it.


      • I’ve got it planned in a schedule, and I’m actually ahead as of now. =)

        Each week is allocated to a team. So far, I’ve managed to finish a team per week, and this week I’m also nibbling away on team 5. Next week, I’ll do team 3. After that I have the initial three new teams needed for entering.

        At that point, I’ll start doing the bonus round teams (two times five minis for each bonus round, I’m not doing the centre piece bonus for round 10). When those are done, I’ll be able to focus on the non-bonus teams without fretting much. If I can’t make the deadline, I’ve got back-up teams for the non-bonus rounds. Hopefully it’ll work out.

        I’ve got a few weeks to spare at the end, if the bonus turn teams take longer than expected. My goal for the LPL is to not repeat any team, and not enter any miniature previously entered in the last LPL. Should be able to do that, and most likely I’ll be able to enter 10 newly painted teams.

        Ah, grand plans – how I love to look back at my naive plannings after I fail horribly! =D


  3. He looks fantastic! Great job on the flames, any peeks at the info you found for painting them?

    This has been a great project to watch. I have to say that I checked back many times to see when this was posted. 🙂

    I’m waiting for my Dark Judges to arrive, they were out of stock in the US and direct ordering from Foundry is not an option due to shipping. Can’t wait to get cracking on them!

    Thanks for sharing the source info and your thoughts along the way. Great stuff.


    • I am glad that you got something out of my rather slow progress 🙂

      To paint the flames I used a simplified version of the tutorial shown here and here. I didnt use as many layers as shown and I substituted my own similar colours for the ones listed etc, but in principle I did more or less the same thing.

      Good luck with it when the Judges arrive.


  4. […] over the last couple of years that can be used in the rather broad Judge Dredd setting, but as February 2012 was the last time that I painted/posted any models with direct links to the Dredd stor… I decided to work on this model for St Patricks Day, just for fun. […]


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