My Name in Lights

I recently got credit as a playtester in a couple of miniature games rules produced by Ganesha Games.

This was a first for me.  While it isnt a massive deal (I know a guy who works full time writing role-playing game sourcebooks for example), getting a credit in a gaming rulebook is a nice thing to tick off my bucket list.

Image from Ganesha Games

The first ruleset was Flashing Steel written by Andrew at shichitenhakki.  Flashing Steel is a swashbuckling variation on the Ganesha game engine, designed for games featuring dashing, moustache twirling, chandelier swinging, roguish types.

During playtests I played using Star Wars stuff.  It turns out that France in the 1600s bears a lot of similarity to a galaxy far, far away when it comes to the mechanics of tales of derring do.  I had fun testing Flashing Steel out, as the emphasis was squarely on cinematic, story driven action, rather than sterile slaughterfests.

Image from Ganesha Games

The second game that I got a playtest credit for is Mighty Monsters.  Another variant on the Ganesha Games engine, this one is about kaiju (with a little bit of mecha thrown in).

I have a lot of interest in pretty much anything that involves giant monsters or robots hitting each other or blowing things up, so I was glad to be involved a bit in its production, even though I wasnt a very big contributor to it.

Mighty Monsters rather well titled sister game “Samurai Robot Battle Royale” is coming up soon.  I might try to get involved in the development of that if I can squeeze it into my rather spartan gaming schedule.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations Paul! I can definitely relate to the feeling of gaining small-scale fame. It doesn’t always need to be a huge thing in order to give that nice feeling of a job well done.

    Flashing Steel sounds very interesting. I might pick it up for some quick and fun pirate-y action, as I’m a fan of GGs basic system.


    • I have played the majority of Song of Blades & Heroes variants in some form or another, and Flashing Steel was to my mind one of the best.

      At $8 the price really cant be argued with either.


  2. It is still a good feeling. I have my credits in two games as playtester. It is just great to have had the chance to help in our hobby.


    • Some of the suggestions that my gaming group put together for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game were factored into the most recent update to that too.

      Like you say, its fun to contribute.


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