Mancave Upgrade

My spare time for the last week or so has been occupied with putting up shelves and the like.  When I am finished the place should look pretty decent, but right now it looks like this…


Having that room in such a mess means that I haven’t been able to get much actual hobby stuff (rather than hobby related stuff) done.  This state of limbo will likely continue for the next week or two, which is a a pain.

At least it will mean that my major work space will be prepped and ready to go for during my Xmas holidays and into 2012.

Hopefully I will have something more interesting finished and photographed to put up next week.


6 Responses

  1. This just shows the activity in the mancave!

    But yes, when organized it is so much easier to get projects done.

    My cave is pretty much looking like yours right now!


  2. I thought my cave was messy!


  3. Hi guys

    Despite how much activity does (or doesnt) go on in there, that room never usually gets as untidy as it is shown here.

    Its having to take the stuff off the old shelves before I out up the others that is the biggest pain in the ass: it takes ages.

    It *should* be done before next Wednesday. I hope.


  4. I’m migrating from one cave to another in a few weeks time. I’m dreading de- and re-shelving all my stuffs… =/ I tend to end up in an organisational downward spiral… my wife asks me what I’ve been doing, and I say proudly “cleaning up the man cave”. Upon inspection, it’s messier than ever before. What she doesn’t know is that I’ve sorted all my spare plastic citadel shields by race and age.


    • 😀

      That shield thing sounds familiar.

      We have been living in our own place for five years now and the sorting of my hobby stuff is still going on. It has steadily improved as the years have gone on though.

      The idea of moving it all yet agin gives me the horrors though, so my sympathies.


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