Lawless Vultures

Not a big update today, but some cute stuff nonetheless I reckon.

No western, post-apocalyptic or otherwise is complete without a few vultures.

I had originally planned to attach these Mega Miniatures figures to terrain pieces to add a bit of flavour but when they arrived I decided to simply base them like any other figures.

I plan to use the vultures as encounter markers for games set in my post apocalyptic terrain.  I also plan to use the vultures mark out areas on the board (like rad-zones or similar) as required.  It is always nicer to use miniatures or terrain pieces for that sort of thing rather than cardboard or plastic tokens.  I havent ruled out using the vultures as proper playing pieces in some scenario or other either.

Image from Used without permission (I do hope that the Minty folk dont mind though!)

The “No Law” sign was an idea that I had as I cut the head off a Judge Dredd Heroclix.

Although it was the figures body that I was after rather than the head, obviously I wasnt going to throw away a miniature judges helmet.  It then dawned on me to make a rough replica of the sign that was used during the filming of the Judge Minty fan film.

It is far from an exact copy, but it looks the part for me.  It was fun burning the writing into the wood with the soldering iron again rather than just painting on the lettering), just like the Standard Falls signs shown again below.

Some fun additions to my post apocalyptic terrain.

5 Responses

  1. Absolutely love the vultures, and agree 100% on using little scenic pieces as markers rather than tokens or beads. Should really do that myself…so I will, thanks 😀


    • Little projects like six vultures or silly signposts can help me to keep from burnout on projects. At worst of course they can distract me from the more significant stuff.

      All the same, I get a kick out of painting oddball stuff like this. It certainly beats painting yet another Space Marine…

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Those vultures are especially great (need to get some), great work sir, this project is amazing.


    • Thanks Fran 🙂

      The vultures benefited from a quick Google image search: my mental image of a vulture was of course totally different to what vultures actually look like.

      I settled for an amalgam of various species, with some licence taken to make the colours a bit more cartoony. They are mutant post-apocalyptic vultures after all 🙂

      Although Mega Miniatures stock some dodgy figures I have found their animals to be great. I am a big fan of that company: their figures are cheap, their shipping is very reasonable, their turnaround is rapid and reliable and their range is amusingly screwball. I am a big fan.


  3. […] used my vultures as objective […]


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