Fort Grayskull Part 3

Parts 1 and 2.

After the previous days extended session, the following day I was lucky enough to have nothing terribly grown up to attend to (the first time for ages).  So I settled down for a nice long glue filled afternoon stint.

I was enthused with the project at this point as I had made some real progress on it for the first time in a decade.  There is something very satisfying about going back to a project that could very feasibly never have been finished, so I was quite happy to get stuck in on that day.

In order to take at least some of the obviously fantasy/medieval look from the castle I spent the entirety of the session chopping up bits of sprue, cardboard and textured plasticard and sticking them along with some other odds and ends to the castle sections.

In retrospect I should have cut a lot of the pieces up and taken them out side to be sprayed a base colour before I stuck them to the castle to save time later.  It crossed my mind at the time but I was shooting from the hip at this stage.  I really didn’t know how much stuff I would need, where I would end up sticking it to and how long my patience would last so I opted to work through attaching the pile of scraps that I had and paint them later.  The next time that I try to convert a toy castle into a miniature post apocalyptic fortified area I will know better I suppose, but I doubt that will happen for a number of reasons.

The hands down best thing that I had for adding to the fort was an amount of Hexagon plastic kit parts.  They are some sort of prefabricated, snap together kit that I think that Airfix have something to do with making.  I picked up some for cheap in a model shop a few years ago and they turned out to be ideal for what I was trying to do.

The Hexagon stuff is a dull metallic grey colour.  All of the parts have a lot of nice detail sculpted on to them and both sides of each piece are different.  In addition to the chopped up plastic sprue and the various plasticard and cardboard elements the Hexagon bits helped to lend a little authenticity to the project, looking as they do like prefabricated pieces of machinery.  The W.I.P. snap below should hopefully illustrate what I mean.

Like last week, the colour repro in the shot is a bit off, I cant do a lot better currently Im afraid.

That was the last thing that I did in that session.  Cutting and sticking all of those bits of scrap took ages.

To be continued.


6 Responses

  1. Comming along nicely, looking forward to the pictures of the completed project.

    Keep up the good work



    • Thanks for the encouragement Andrew. Hopefully the finished product will be to your liking.

      The project very much went in the way of amateur dramatic theatrical set design, rather than very technical architectural model making if you know what I mean. All about impression rather than accuracy.

      Like all of my terrain projects the finished product will be imprecise. The overall effect of the finished piece on a table in concert with everything else should be pleasing to game with I think.

      Fingers crossed.


  2. This is getting to be epic my friend, definitely looking forward to the end product.


    • Definitely as epic as I am willing to chance these days.

      Toy soldier projects of this size are at the limits of my patience these days. I can approach larger projects (like a small armies or group of linked forces for example) by doing them in chunks. I knew that if I only tackled a portion of the castle that the other parts would never get finished, so it all had to be done at once.

      I hope that the finished product doesnt disappoint…

      Thanks for the encouragement, it always helps 🙂


  3. Looking good Paul.

    It seems ages since you bought those things. It’s great to see them finally ready for some action.

    I picked up a bunch of those snap pack terrain features a few years ago in a sale. They have been the stalwart of our playing surfaces since, although a bunch of it got appropriated into an Ork army one of the lads threw together.


    • It is ages since I bought those, over fifteen years, yeesh.

      The hexagon stuff is great. Very useful stuff. I hope to pick up some more for an upcoming related project at some point reasonably soon. Let me know if you come across any more in a sale 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback.


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