Going to Salute!

Salute is one of the best regarded miniature gaming shows in England.  Lots of cool looking display games and an abundance of things for nerds like me to blow vast quantities of cash on.  Retail therapy times a thousand.

I am lucky enough to be flying to London on Friday April 15th to go to an art exhibition with Mrs Sho3box, swanning boozily around for the evening after dinner and then attending Salute for a few hours on Saturday.  We fly home that that evening after what I hope to be a small but perfectly formed trip.

I have my small shopping list made out and I hope to pick up some odd bits and pieces that I might never get around to buying online.  Seeing some great game displays in person will be inspiring too.

I will be bringing my camera and I will be putting some photos up here on Sunday 17th with a bit of luck.

If anyone reading this is going to be at Salute and fancies meeting up and/or experiencing the heady thrill of having their photo taken avec moi then let me know 🙂

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