Sin Eaters Chaos Marines: Squad Damien

Sgt Damien (right) and two Chaos Marines

Squad Damien is the third squad that I painted for my WH40k Chaos Space Marine force back in 1999.  The figures used are vintage Chaos Renegades made by GW in the 1980s.

Chaos Renegades

I needed a unit to represent possessed space marines.  I had some ideas about converting up my own figures (which came to fruition a year or two later with Squad Nemesis) but in the interim I thought that I would get some fun out of painting up these classic figures.

Nurgle Twins

Squad Damien took the field as possessed marines more often than not.  The heavily mutated style was satisfyingly more extreme than most of the other marines that I used for my force, so they fit the role of possessed admirably.

Degenerate Chaos Space Marines

Like anything that I painted a long time ago (over a decade in this case) there are lots of things that I would do differently if I painted these figures again now.  I still like these guys though: they were fun figures to paint, they are very characterful and amusing looking and I also played a lot of games with them over the years.  Satisfying.

Squad Damien takes to the field.


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