Alien Queen Basing

Uncharacteristically good weather plus an even more uncharacteristic busy social life has meant that my hobby time has been curtailed of late.  As a result todays post is a bit half-assed.  It does show that at least I am making some progress with my Aliens re-theme of Space Hulk.

Alien Queen Basing

Mikko at Dawn of the Lead has been making a lot more progress on his identical project here.  His latest addition of a very nice looking Alien Queen that came from a gashapon toy is in need of a base.  As I recently made a basic but functional base for getting my large Horrorclix Queen on the Space Hulk board, I decided to put up a quick photo.

Grid Markings

After removing the model from its clix base I stuck some styrene with a treadplate pattern on it to a 60mm plywood base.  I then added some styrene strips in a sort of tic-tac-toe pattern that matches the size of the squares in a game of Space Hulk.

While obviously using such a large figure will make some parts of the game feel a little cramped, the grid marked on the base should make it apparent where the Queen is standing in rules terms.  Adjacent figures will have to stand on small parts of the queens base but I dont foresee that being a big problem.


5 Responses

  1. That is so simple that it’s fiendishly clever. Time for some more (almost traditional by now) shameless plundering, I think.

    Thanks for the WIP!


  2. Its a simple idea alright but it will work and thats the most important thing.

    Feel free to take as little or as much of the idea as you like.

    I hope to finish converting my second Powerloader over the next few weeks. Getting the two of those painted up should get me back on track with my Aliens project I think.


  3. I’m pretty confident that any adjacent model won’t be adjacent for long – especially not Marines. =)


    • No doubt 🙂

      In rules terms the Queen (Broodlord) is highly likely to give adjacent marines a hiding. Even if they are wearing a Powerloader its a risky proposition to be adjacent to the momma.

      Regarding adjacency, the Horrorclix Queen was supplied with a pleasingly disgusting removable egg sac. I am still trying to work out a way to rebase that part satisfactorily as it would be shame not to use it in a scenario or two.


  4. […] The range also includes a queen with a scenic base. You can see a picture here and some better ones sans the scenic base here. […]


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