Something even more frivolous than usual today 🙂

Chimpanzee Hirsute Maglev Patrol

Officers Wilcox, Estrada, Baker and Poncherello from the

Chimpanzee Hirsute Maglev Patrol

are on the case.

I recently traded for a couple of sets of toy flying saucers from the “Planet 51” movie.  The saucers are pretty titchy and the only figures that I had that I thought might be able to squeeze into the cockpit were some space chimps.  And so, a project was born.

Judge Dredd supervises a sting operation in “The Jungle” by the CHiMPs. Perps Dr Fossey and Spank were apprehended.

The chimps are Mega Minis with cop hats from Heroclix figures.  I had fun painting these guys up.  As I still have a few of those space chimp figures I imagine that they may follow suit and form a small force of public servants.

There was also a pair of saucer Jeeps that came with the patrol saucers.  I hope to get a couple of apes into those too, maybe Eureka figures this time 🙂

Saucer Closeup

A close up.  I didnt really do almost any paint work on the saucers, just a tiny bit of tidy up to the factory job here and there (and as usual, when the photo is blown up to this size a few other minor issues become apparent).

I was tempted to add a few things like a shine to the various lights etc but I didnt want to take from the pristine, 1950’s, Car 54 Where Are You? look, so I left well alone.


9 Responses

  1. Brilliant!!!


  2. I think you need a big-ass ape robot to go with these… a Machine Optimized for Nocturnal Killing and Efficient Yelling, according to the Cyborg Name Decoder. =)


  3. Thanks for the feedback guys 🙂

    I dont have a M.O.N.K.E.Y. planned for hanging out with the C.Hi.M.P.S. (yet anyway), but I do have an Ape-X figure from Reaper ready for a line up of ape ne’er do wells (made from the Gangs of Mega City 1 Ape gang). As a large, screaming cyborg gorilla with a chaingun for a hand he probably qualifies 🙂

    The ultimate M.O.N.K.E.Y. has to be the Mecha-Gor from the Supersystem range of figures. Its OOP at the moment but some day I will harass the C.Hi.M.P.S. with one of those… some day…


  4. Bloody hell, that Mecha-Gor “mini” is humongous! Seems to be capable of some fairly efficient yelling…


  5. Great models. I must get some. The Eureka Boiler-suit apes would go well with this. I can see a whole alternate planet of the Apes setting with the boiler-suits being revolutionary youth against the forces of stability – your cops.


    • Thanks for the feedback Andrew 🙂

      As I worked on them the CHiMPS kept reminding me of the scene at the end of the Planet of the Apes remake, by the Lincoln memorial with the chimp cops. Flash forward a few years and those chimps could be flying around in saucer cop cars. Maybe…

      I know that its pushing it a bit but it is all heading in a PotA direction, inspired in no small part by your Song of Apes and Astronauts 🙂

      I picked up the Eureka Space apes recently and they are really nice figures that are also destined for this setting.

      As I said above, the Gangs of Mega City 1 apes are lined up too. They are well worth keeping an eye out for as they have a great look with a couple almost West Side Story-like, very “revolutionary youth”.

      I have my eye on the Eureka Gibbons to use as Army forces to go with the two Planet 51 jeeps, staff car and tank that I recently bought, but I have overspent drastically lately. I will have to wait for a while before I pick those up.


  6. I tried posting a bunch of links to Pulp City stuff, probably too much for the spam filter to like…

    see http://www.pulp-city.com, plenty of really cool scifi apes there as well!


    • Hi Mikko. I pushed the post with the links through, it was stopped by the filter alright.

      Pulp-City figures really are lovely looking and are definitely on my list. They are very pricey though, but I do think that its only a matter of time before I pick up a couple.


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