Sin Eater Chaos Dreadnought – Brother Rhinox


Sin Eater Dreadhought: Brother Rhinox

Sin Eater Dreadnought: Brother Rhinox

Like many geeks, I like robots and power suits.  Dreadnoughts and Titans  have always been a big 40k draw for me.  As a result one of the earliest miniatures that I painted for my Sin Eaters Chaos Space Marine Nurgle army was Rhinox.

Portside Power Claw

Power Claw

Rear Shot. Just greasy looking metal really.

Rear Shot. Just greasy looking metal really.

Twin-Linked Lascannon

Twin-Linked Lascannon

There was only one weapon fit appropriate for a Dreadnought in those days: Twin Lascannon & Power Fist/Claw (I have no idea what, if anything makes Dreadnoughts competitive in the current 40k tournament climate, nor do I wish to know).  There wasnt a twin-lascannon model available for Chaos Dreads then so I chopped up the twin-autocannon in the box and replaced it with two weapons cut from a Space Crusade dreadnought (I think). 

Possibly I should have added more detail to the muzzles of the cannon while I was adding the trim that had been removed when cutting the autocannon off.  On the other hand it does give the gun a pretty primitive and brutal look that is very suitable.

Other than the Lascannon arm the figure is unconverted apart from the added scuffs and dents etc.


2 Responses

  1. looks great! Where did you get the power claw?


    • Hi Subhumanmaster, thanks for the feedback.

      The power claw is unconverted. It is a metal piece that comes from the metal Chaos Dreadnought kit available in the mid 90s.

      The whole figure is unconverted apart from the twin Lascannon and some dents and nicks here and there to represent battle damage and age.


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