Sin Eater Terminator Lord Zarak

Lord Zarak

Lord Zarak

Lord Zarak is pretty ridiculous looking really, but I like him all the same.  I had had a chaos terminator captain figure for a while but hadnt got around to painting him.  He was an older figure than those used in Squad Romero and was a little more slight.  I wanted to give him something that would make him stand out dramatically from the other Terminators, but didnt know what.

It dawned on me to use parts of the whip arm thing (cant remember what it is called) from the parts left over  from the Brother Rhinox kit to make the inner “thumbs” of his scorpion-like Lightning Claws.  The larger, totally OTT parts of the claws are made from bits of a plastic dozer blade from some Imperial tank bit or another.

3/4 view showing some arm detail.

3/4 view showing some arm detail.

The piping coming hanging below his arms is a bit crude but whatever.  It was simply made from bent paper clip.  The Nurgle logo on the shoulder was made from bits of styrene rod and strip.  The trophy pole is a bit taller than the poles on Squad Romero which helps to identify Zarak as the boss while simultaneously making him that much more ridiculous looking.

His name comes from the binary bonded nebulan partner of the Transformer Scorponok.  Scorponok himself invariably has big scorpion claws for hands in all of his iterations, so obviously that is where that comes from.  The original G1 Scorponok also had a sunglasses type look that I crudely emulated with a green stuff “visor” over Zaraks eyes.

I painted Zarak about a year or so after I painted the other Sin Eater terminators.  By then the painting method I was using to get the base colours was slightly different.  In the context of the grubby look that I was looking for it doesnt really make much difference.  I have always found that when painting a large number of miniatures with the same scheme that the style changes as I progress, usually in an effort to speed the process up.


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