Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #10: Skis

Do these make any sense whatsoever? Could a car travelling through an atomic wasteland ever benefit from skis?

That old “too small to be a car” feeling…


Some cursory research reveals that some people ski on sand, rather than snow. I myself slid down a sand dune on a metal tray once. I can confirm that this works.

This is an RC buggy, but that it exists at all suggests that maybe skis on desert travelling full size vehicles *might* work… maybe.

I cannot confirm that full size vehicles can somehow work with skis in a desert. I am out of my comfort zone.


Where I come from, the only deserts are DESERTS OF THE MIND!!! (desert of the mind not shown)

Perhaps, when the planet is blasted off its axis by atomic war, the wasteland that is created, and the unique particulate matter that it is comprised of, will be conducive to ski based vehicle travel, a lot like how the dead will not remain dead and the illuminati lizard people will reveal their scaly plans.
Seems reasonable.

Essentially, the least odd thing about the near future is that maybe cars will have skis, so I’m going to go with it.

Very much like yesterday’s plough, the clip-on skis got a very rapid paint job that made them ready for clipping on to vehicles with compatible front wheels, as and when I should desire.

Hammerhead suddenly finds a new way to be unable to steer.



12 Responses

  1. Being a big fan of the Fallout game series, skis would most definitely help crossing the eradiated wastelands. Particularly the liquid bits.

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    • This is excellent information in this context.

      All I need is a shred of justification and disbelief can be suspended indefinitely, good work Model Warrior!

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  2. *Disclaimer* Sample image only works on rear wheel drive cars! 🙂

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  3. Haha, ash wastes tend to have somehow the same texture than snow, so this works. The fact that I just made up the fact does not invalidate it.

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  4. This is such a fun series of posts, if only the days went by faster.

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  5. Skis?! More like Max RockatanSKIS!

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  6. Love the skis – old Ford Model A’s and T’s used those in New England back in the day. My guess is that they would work fine in a blowing desert, as I have some Sahara experience having been sent there by the US Army in 1986-7 to help rebuild an airfield at Dirkou, Niger (google that for remoteness). The sand really flows – it’s not gritty like sandpaper- as the particles of sand have worn themselves and especially their facets down over millennia. So the sand there is really a collection of trillions of microscopic marbles, which would adapt well to skis.

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