Shadespire: Ironskull’s Boyz

L to R: Bonekutta, Basha, Gurzag Ironskull, Hakka.

Continuing my brief painted-ages-ago-and-not-shared-because-of-bad-photography series, it’s Ironskull’s Boyz!!!

I love these sculpts, I think that bar a couple of minor issues that the paint job is decent and, best of all, these bruisers have seen quite a bit of table time in games of Warhammer: Underworlds (AKA Shadespire) in the eighteen months or so that I have had them painted.

So much time in fact that *two* friends who I initially played Underworlds with (Curis and Asslessman) with while using these figures have gone on to paint and blog theirs since, one even having his shown in White Dwarf.

Bitter?  C’est moi.  Have I learned a lesson about self-discipline?  Not really.

Better photo? Worse? I can’t tell anymore. It’s done at least, thats the most important thing.

If you fancy getting into playing Underworlds, then you could do a lot worse than taking these guys and playing simple, straightforward and very enjoyable knuckle-sandwich delivery strategies to get to grips with the Underworlds rules, which are really solid.



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  1. Love the deep red, really makes the yellow of the flames really pop…

    I love the Underworlds figures, been collecting everything and would love to give the system a go, haven’t had a single game and now the 3rd season is on the horizon…

    The trials and tribulations of a gaming hermit…

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    • The yellow flames were a last minute addition that worked pretty well I think, thank you for saying Meandering Shade.

      The Underworlds figure range is incredible. Ironskull’s Boyz are perhaps the sculpts least different to their associated core range, and therefore arguably the least exciting figures in the range, and I really like them.

      Hopefully you will find an opportunity to get some games in soon MS.


  2. They look great – gritty, menacing, and green. Just how I like ’em 😀 I’ve always been a fan of your lurid green skin, ’tis perfection!

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    • Thank you James.

      Greenskin flesh is one of the very few things that I regularly paint that has not changed much over the last decade (or more). I still like that lurid finish.


  3. These colours look fantastic on them. In fact I like these much more now that I see them in your scheme.

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    • The modern yellow Ironjaws promotional colour scheme does not appeal to me much. It makes the chunky figures look blocky and toy like to me. I tried to avoid that with these figures.

      While my Ironjaws have bright elements, and the sculpts themselves are obviously fantastical, the marginally more plausible colour scheme makes them look menacing and dangerous, rather than clown-like.

      I’m happy to have changed your mind Suber, thanks for the feedback!


  4. They look good to me. I’m leaning towards Bonesplitterz for Warcry at the moment. But I may let the Chaos gods decide for me based on what’s available locally.

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    • Bonesplitters would be a lot of fun Sean, I’m looking forward to seeing those.
      Do you think that you will use the modern plastic figures for Warcry, or dig up some old Savage Orcs?

      Ironskull’s Boyz are very likely to make it to the Warcry table too I think 🙂


      • I would like to do old Savage Orcs, but right now I’m feeling like a new box specifically for Warcry would take some of the indecision out of the equation.


  5. I think they look great and the pictures you took are nice. To be honest, I don’t think there is much difference between the first and the second picture. Cheers, Karl

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  6. Awesome job dude, the skin tone rocks, and they are much better colour scheme than the studio jobby… They look way more serious with that bit of ‘realism’ about them 😊


    • I reckon that it’s possible to go for a grubby yellow based colour scheme that looks industrial, like construction equipment, that would suit sci-fi greenskins in particular. That wasn’t what I wanted for Ironskull and co though.

      Thanks for the feedback Alex!

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  7. […] Shadespire: Ironskull’s Boyz @ Sho3box – I like to see black armour done well. Wait, let me rethink that. I get jealous of black armour done well. It doesn’t seem to work for me. This is also an Underworlds crew that I’ve recently built and am not sure how to paint. Great stuff! […]

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  8. I super appreciate all your badgering to get into the Shadepsire – it’s one of my regular gaming fixtures now.

    I like your take on the Orruks, getting them away from the yellow armour of the Studio scheme makes them look much more violent – but they still pack a punch thanks to the acid green skin. Did you think of painting them the oldskool 1990s Black Orc colours, given they’re the spiritual successors of those Perry classics?

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    • Underworlds is a lot of fun, I’m delighted that you are getting mileage out of it Curis.

      Avoiding the yellow was a priority for me (although you made it look great on yours).

      I experimented with a number of different colour schemes for orks/orcs/orruks about a decade ago. In the end I decided that even though it’s pretty much by-the-numbers familiar, that dark red, black and weathered predominantly steel metallics are what fit best with the lurid flesh colour that I enjoy painting. Occasionally a light blue lens or yellow doohickey appears as a spot colour, but essentially it’s set as my greenskin colour scheme now. I find that varying from it tends to cause clashing colours or excessive visual busyness, so I just don’t.

      I haven’t done that with other projects, but this is a lock for now I think.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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