Protester #1



A self-righteous science-fictional gentleman of dubious fashion sense and questionable intelligence joins my Sci-Fi Non-Combatants project today.  The model is the first in a short series of protesting sci-fi civilian models that I have lined up at the moment.  The model is from Eureka (I think) with the addition of a GW Space Wolf head to give it a Mega City 1 sort of look.


Please listen to me…

It was important to me that the slogan on the the model wasnt didactic – my toy soldiers are for fun and “politics” is definitely not fun.  As a result I went for an idiotic phrase that means nothing (although it will be familiar to some music lovers haters listeners out there I suspect).

The hardest part of the process was painting “Theres no limits”.  I considered correcting the grammar, it was that irritating.  Im easily irritated I suppose.

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  1. Paint work so good my copper swabs is tingling already.

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    • Thank you Conrad. Im not entirely sure if your archaic turn of phrase is at work there or if the universal perils of autocorrect have sullied another missive (damn its eyes!), but my thanks for the positive feedback all the same 🙂


      • Dear Sir,

        I am shocked and appalled at your suggestion that I am anything but the hippest, most jivviest, hep cat-ist, most groovy and entirely with-it member of the wargaming blogging community currently publishing.

        I resent the implication Sir and will demand satisfaction if an immediate retraction is not forthcoming.

        Of course, what I actually mean to say, before autocorrect got it’s filthy weaselly paws on it was.

        “Paint work so good, my copper senses are tingling already.”

        Keep up the good work, Dadd-e-o.

        C. Kinch, Esq.

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        • 😀

          As a gent inclined toward an entertaining turn of phrase with frequent reference to the historical, Im sure that you get occasional “Whaaaa?” like comments from trashier sorts such as me. Consider this one of those times: its not you, its me.

          Now if you will excuse me, I need to tell those kids to get their transistor radios and bobby socks of my lawn.


  2. Sweet painting, but it’s the pop culture reference that nails it for me. The Space Marine head fits the scale remarkably well.

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    • I missed the musical reference, must be a Mega city One/Euro City cultural divide thing.

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      • You know that track “Get ready for this!” that gets played at basketball matches and features in things like the movie Space Jam? Well its the same artists making pretty much the same song.


    • Yeah, the head does work pretty well, making the model immediately obviously a certain sort of sci-fi. The head came from sprue remnants that I picked up in a game shop in passing a few weeks ago. That Space Wolf sprue has a number of useful Mega City One type heads.

      As for cheap gags at 2 Unlimiteds expense, Ill take my giggles where I can get them 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!


  3. “Careful now”
    “Down with this sort of thing”

    Really really good. I am amazed by your lettering, sir.

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    • Those two phrases were numbers two and three on the list of potentials. I have a few more protesters to come, so its likely that at least one of those phrases will make the cut next time.

      The lettering worked out well. Im assuming that the sandwich boards are digital in some way, that the letters scroll and move and change. Not that I need to justify why it loks like it does, but it pleases me to do so.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  4. Sigue Sigue Sputnik meets techno. (techno, techno, techno!..) The incorrect punctuation is a great idea but I guess you’ll feel like you have to explain the gag every time you use the figure!

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    • Sigue Sigue Sputnik are very much from the era that defined a lot of the character of the citizens of Mega City One, a sort of packaged punk, so its a flattering reference 🙂

      Someone elsewhere suggested using the stupid “techno” line from the song on the next placard. Im thinking something like:

      Tech? NO!
      Tech? NO!
      Tech? NO!

      Silly, but entertaining all the same.

      As for 28mm grammar jokes that would need to be explained, I think the best option was just to roll with it ;D

      Thank you for the feedback Somet.

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  5. Long live bad music LOL nice model Paul

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  6. The sign turned out really nice! As I don’t recognize any of the parts, it’s not obvious to me the model is converted. Well done! =) I would vote for Tech? No! too, btw.

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    • Its a simple headswap phreedh. The original head had an early twentieth century look, with a flat cap. That came off and the bionic mohawk head was attached and voila: a sci-fi sadwich board man that any low budget TV show could be proud of 😉

      “Tech? NO!” is a dead cert for one of the next protesters. It works for too many silly reasons.


  7. Excellent conversion. I would have guessed the miniature was originally like that. The lettering is superb and really does have this neon or digital vibe to it.
    What about: “Resistance is futile”, “Put that cookie down!”, “And if you do not listen, to hell with you!”.

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    • The lettering took a little while, but worked out well. It wasnt exceptionally difficult work, probably due to the colours used against a black background.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  8. Love the mini and the slogan (although it instantly turned into an earworm) 😀

    If you’re going with the 90s dance theme you might consider the following radical placards:

    “What is love?”
    “Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more”
    “All that she wants is another baby”
    “I know what I want and I want it now”

    …cor, 90s dance is rife with demonstration slogans.

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    • Thanks Mikko. Dance music lyrics are so profoundly inane that I think that it might be possible to find exactly the recognisable lyrics that I require given enough thought…



  9. Man, that’s pure genius, I love what you achieved with this one. I’d really like to see a mob of protesters!

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    • The mob is coming Suber. I have five planned in total. When I get around to doing some regular civilians, adding a protester or two will be a fun way to give them a different flavour.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  10. Great wee mini. He’s going to be a favourite on the gaming table, I have no doubt. I’m getting a lot of chuckles out of the potential signage for upcoming protestors. There’s so many lines to choose from…

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    • Dance music is so rife with gibberish lyrics that I feel that the precise sentences that I am looking for exist in a real, hum-inducing fashion. Im hoping that each protester will have something appropriate.

      Science forbid I actually put something genuinely political on one of them.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S.


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