Clutches of Chaos Crossover: #3 – Detention


An Imperial Fist in a spot of bother today.


With our converted miniatures swapped, the next step of the Clutches of Chaos Crossover project that Andy from Tales From the Maelstrom and I are taking part in was to paint the model.


The intentionally vague brief for the conversion was “Slaanesh Captive”.  Andys interpretation was based on the Paul Bonner illustration of captive Ultramarines during the Horus Heresy/Great Scouring shown above.


In order to give a bit of flair to the pillar that the astartes is tied to, I decided to go for a marble effect rather than a brown or grey.


My Honoured Imperium Aquila, painted last year.

I tried that marble effect last year with the Honoured Imperium pieces and was pleased with how it turned out, so I went for it again here.  It also meant that when it comes to gaming with the captive that I already have a small terrain set that he can integrate with visually.


With the pillar green, I was less keen on painting the marine in blue, to match the Ultramarines in the artwork.  As I had never painted an Imperial Fist marine before and the yellow finish would work well with the pillar I decided to go for that.


Now technically the model is supposed to be a captive of Slaanesh, but as I dont have my Slaaneshi figures painted just yet, I decided to have the Slaanesh Captive moonlight as a Nurgle Captive for this photo shoot.  He will spend time as a Slaaneshi captive soon enough.


I like how the captive turned out.  I am looking forward to basing a scenario or two around it.  I hope to use this piece as a springboard to get stuck into my Slaaneshi Renegades, but I need to finish another couple of things first.


Once Andy has his corresponding project piece painted we will have a chat and see if we can hammer out a loose schedule for the final part of the project: corresponding battle reports that use the captive models as narrative hooks.



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  1. Very nice work Paul.

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  2. Andy’s conversion is ace, your painted up gives it the finished it deserves. I enjoy the beautiful marble, his grimy and battered armour, the discarded striped helmet…

    It even works nicely from the rear because of the interesting angle and arrangement of the rusting chains. Great work both!

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    • Thanks Axiom.
      After about thirty years of this stuff, I think that this was the first time that I had ever painted a model converted by someone else. I will try to fit in in my suitcase for BOYL and we may get to fight over the poor guys fate then perhaps.


  3. Wonderful scenic piece, I hope you’ll have a squad of the crimson fists to come to his rescue 😉

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    • Thanks Asslessman.

      Being the original poster boys for the game, the Crimson Fists will always have a special place in the 40k setting. I have yet to paint one though.

      I was thinking of adding a Crimson Fist to my Deathwatch, but the nature of how the Chapter heraldry works in conjunction with the Deathwatch scheme means that the model wouldn’t gave the iconic crimson fist. I have a plan though…

      Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Lovely painting – the marine has come out very nicely and he works well with the green marble. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in terms of Slaaneshi worshipers…

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    • I have been pondering how I should paint my Slaaneshi Renegades since about 1990 or so. It has taken until now for me to find a scheme that I think will work, pending some test pieces.

      I am very much looking forward to working on them, they are very much a bucket list project. It will be the end of the year before I get to them I suspect, probably, its hard to say.

      Thanks for the feedback Warburton.

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  5. God I wish I had the patience to do marble like that.

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    • Honest to Slaanesh No Such Agency, its really not difficult to paint that marble effect. It doesnt take very long and doesnt require any sort of precision work, its all about the vibe. That makes it easy to do in front of the TV while having a drink for example. Painting the marble was easier than painting the marine.

      The technique/recipe for the marble is in the comments in this post. You should give it a go, you are well able for it.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  6. A great idea for a project, and great work. The marble and the armour are excellent, I like the weathering on his boots a lot. That’s one hell of a flavour piece.

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    • Thanks Mr Saturday.
      Fighting over a properly realised objective is a significantly different prospect to fighting over a numbered counter I find. Im going to have to come with a name for the poor guy.


  7. Your green stone/marble looks fantastic!

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    • Thanks Gabbi.
      It’s an easier effect to replicate than you might think, it doesn’t require much precision. See earlier in the comments for a link to the recipe.

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  8. I chime in and praise your excellent marbel. I shall try this in some point. Easy is often best if it comes down to stone effects. The captive looks ace, too. I am glad you did go for a slightly diferent scheme, than the usual blue marine. I approve of the oldschool beak helmet. All in all again asmash hit from your paint brush.

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    • Thank you daggerandbrush.
      I am certain that someone with your skills will easily be able to incorporate some exceptionally convincing marble effects into dramas and the like. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂


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