Oldhammer Man-Date

L to R: Skeltork/theottovionbismark, Inq. Verhoeven/cheetor-sho3box, Fimm Warrior/Mr Saturday, Orko/Just John

L to R: theottovionbismark, cheetor-sho3box, Mr Saturday, Just John (reconstruction)

theottovonbismark and I recently arranged to meet some strange men that we had been talking to on the internet in a public place.

The idyllic halfling village of Conflagration-on-Sea.

The idyllic halfling village of Conflagration-on-Sea.

Our rendezvous with Mr Saturday and Just John from the Oldhammer forum at Knavecon worked out well.  The planned participation game featured a lot of old school WHFB stuff, with Fimir, Slann and an entire village of hobbits – complete with custom sculpted and home cast halfling scaled miniature sheep thanks to theottovonbismark – and it ran very well, with plenty of players wanting to take part during the day.

I see ewe.

I see ewe.

As it was a fantasy event it had very little to do with me – I attended in a purely cheerleading capacity – so I will direct you to Mr Saturdays report for further details.  The next time (and it seems likely that there will be a next time) will probably involve spacemen and therefore I will play a more active part in that.  A hearty virtual slap on the back for the lads though.  The game looked great and played without hitch.

The horror, the short, fat, greedy horror.

The horror.  The short, fat, greedy, crispy, barbecued horror.


6 Responses

  1. Knowing the fimir’s unfriendly and dsirespectful manners, I’m fearing the worst for that poor halfling chap near the dark alley in the last picture…
    Let me gove you fellows a virtual yet very warm shake of hands for you displayed awesomeness in an undiluted form here. (Can’t wait to see the RT version with genestealers, inquisitors and all…


    • Thanks JB, but without a shred of false modesty, it really had nothing to do with me. The rest of the lads did a great job.

      If we get some sort of 41st millennium thing going I will be able to contribute a bit more I expect.


  2. Cool old school miniatures. I especially like the Orc on the left. Looks pretty much like Skeletor (and I assume that is the look the artist was going for)


    • Yep, Skeletork was the goal there, with some more Mastorks of the Universe in the pipeline apparently. More info on theottovonbismarks Skeltork blog post.

      Somewhat unsurprisingly, theottovonbismark was the guy who decided to dedicate a lot of his hobby time to making the flock of hobbit scaled sheep too.


  3. Just browsing this old post and noticed you guys used a few of my old school inspired card houses in your game. You have no idea how utterly chuffed I feel to know that they got some use and on such an awesome game to boot.


    • Glad to hear it Erny 🙂 Just John was the construction engineer for that aspect if memory serves. Conflagration-On-Sea wouldn’t have been the same without them 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback.


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