Zomtober 2013 #1


“pulpcitizen” of Eclectic Gentlemen Tabletop Gamer and Pulp Citizen has been organising “Zomtober“.  I decided to join in.   Continue reading


Catachan Devil

Catachan Devil

Catachan Devil

The creepy crawly kicking off my Alien Flora & Fauna project is a Reaper Frost Wyrm that I mined from COMs Reaper Bones mountain.  I very quickly painted it to represent a classic death world predator from the Rogue Trader 40K era. Continue reading

Alien Flora & Fauna Project Proposal

SQUEAL at giant mutant space rats!!!

Extra terrestrials and alien environments are a big draw for me in fiction and correspondingly so in my toy soldiers.  I get a kick out of seeing my little guys beset by men-in-suit type aliens while wandering through slightly dodgy and unconvincing miniature sets that have a 1960s Star Trek feel to them.  Creating my own geeky tiny film set like environment, complete with unlikely looking plants and bogus looking monsters is one of the main drivers in the hobby for me. Continue reading

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