10mm War Trolls

War Trolls

The next addition to my growing 10mm horde is these Copplestone War Trolls.  These are very nicely sculpted figures that were pleasant to paint and I recommend them without any serious hesitation.  I do have a couple of minor gripes though.

The sculpts have nice faces that have a characteristic Copplestone style to them.  The detail on the models is crisp although the designer has kept the figures quite clean: there are not many extraneous details.

Normally I like a minimalist miniature design approach as it speeds painting along.  Extra detail does not always equal more character (Games Workshop please take note).  In the case of these trolls however, I think that it was a minor error.

Because these figures are quite large (as 10mm trolls go at least) and because there are few details on the figures that demonstrate scale other than the occasional skull on their belt (which could be a skull from a fantasy creature of any size really), it is easy to mistake these guys for 25mm or short 28mm figures.

The shields are the main culprits here: the shield looks plain enough to be a 60cm diameter Roman parma rather than the two metre diameter, livestock/vehicle/you-and-your-family flattening piece of ordnance that a creature of that size would likely carry.

Also the fact that the plain shields and weapons look somewhat factory produced is somehow incongruous with the primitive looking trolls.  I know that Mordor and the like seem to have quite efficient production facilities (no union presence is a factor Id say) but the pairing of those weapons and those trolls doesnt sit quite right with me.

“Shhh! I dont think he’s seen us…”

Painting was straightforward.  I considered painting them a shade of green but the scaly shoulders, knees and arse were obviously designed under influence from the troll design in the Lord of the Rings movies, so I went with an approximation of that.  I enjoy painting pale flesh tones anyway.

In Warmaster troll sized creatures tend to be mounted three to a base.  As these figures are being prepped primarily for that game that was the plan.

Unlike when painting 28mm figures, I paint miniatures at this scale separately from their bases and attach them afterwards, so that I can get at the awkward areas while painting.  Thats what I did with these guys too.

Trying to get three big guys like these to stand together on the same base was awkward.  Awkward enough in fact for me to swear passionately when I manged to knock all nine trolls onto the wooden floor while trying to perch them delicately on their bases without cover each other with glue.

Once the tears had dried sufficiently for me to cover up the damaged paintwork as well as I could I finally got them stuck down and based.

20:20 hindsight tells me that I should have simply mounted the figures two to a base and added either scenic pieces or the occasional goblin or orc to add scale, but its too late to do that now.


Despite all of my whining I still like these guys quite a bit.  Their particularly massive stature makes them look rather threatening alongside the front of my second goblin unit.


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  1. With plenty of love, you’re a bastard for getting me interested in 10mm. As if I didn’t have far too little time to paint already.

    The trolls look ace, especially next to the smaller unit! I’m liking this project lots and lots.


    • High praise indeed. If my stuff can make you spend money by accident then I must be doing something right 🙂

      Honestly though, if am a bastard for getting you interested in 10mm then I am an utter moron for getting myself interested in it 🙂 Its not like I have a shortage of toy soldier projects.

      In my defence this project is almost unique as far as my stuff goes, simply because its fantasy. That makes this project a little more sensible than say even more cyber-zombies or even more astro elves or whatever I suppose (although I really must get working on my cyber-zombie astro elves. Those guys are gonna rock).

      10mm regiments are just cute too. Take the plunge, 10mm fantasy is dirt cheap. Check Kallistra. The scale captures that fantasy battle look and feel far better than 28mm.

      I have loads more monsters and interesting bits to come and by virtue of the size of the little guys, they are particularly likely to actually get finished.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Very nice – though they do look a bit crowded (I guess facing is the issue) with three on the base.
    Have you looked at Pendraken’s fantasy range in 10mm?


    • Yeah Donogh, the trolls are a bit cramped.

      I am usually quite anal about test fitting and the like but I didnt realise how large the Copplestone trolls were until I started gluing them to the base. A rookie 10mm error I suspect. As I mentioned above, I probably should have mounted the trolls in pairs with a scenic item on each base to suggest scale. Next time perhaps.

      Getting each of the three troll poses in as many varied positions as possible meant that a couple of the trolls are staring off to the sides. They failed a Stupidity test I suspect…

      I have some Kallistra/Pendraken trolls (who are much more conducive to sitting three-to-a-base. I checked this time) lined up, along with some other bits. The low number of photos on the Pendraken site is off putting though. Is there something specific that you recommend Donogh?

      I have ordered a few yet-to-arrive bits from Pendraken to check scale with the stuff that I have. I am not very picky about scale, but I would rather avoid egregious disparity. You know the one where some of the troops seem to have severe pituitary problems.

      Some Pendraken/Kallistra stuff should be up here soon I hope. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Thought I left a comment here, but apparently not. =) Really like those trolls, but agree that the sense of scale isn’t really there. In the pic with the space marine I thought they’d make great wee ‘uns (whatever that is) for 28mm gaming. They’re pretty detailed and you did a splendid job on both them and the gobbos! Really have me itching to continue my HOTT dwarves!


    • Thanks Mattias.
      I read on TMP that some guy uses the trolls as morlocks of some sort. They would make a good tribe of primitive aliens for a pulp sci-fi /Star Trek game too.
      This scale is great for feeling like I am making some actual progress on a force (I have a couple more units nearly done over the last few days for example). I am sure that the 15mm dwarfs will give that same satisfying sense of turnover when you do get around to them.


      • Yeah, I got three stands of 4 dwarfs finished in a matter of days. It felt really good! I’m very much looking forward to getting them out again. Got a bunch of dwarfs, a shitload of goblins (enough for two HOTT armies, after weeding) and a proper host of undead. I have even prepared HOTT army lists for them. =) Not looking forward to that first trial game of HOTT though, the rules are somewhat obtuse…


        • Although I have a copy of the HoTT rules, it looks like my group are going to go with the Kings of War ruleset for our 10mm fantasy for the time being.

          Although the free rules for KoW are written to aid sales of Mantics 28mm figures, the system is extremely well suited to 10mm stuff based for Warmaster/HoTT.

          I didnt have very high expectations for the KoW rule set, but my first game of it last Friday was very smooth. MT and SOS are similarly optimistic (this is rare). Expect to see more on the subject around here soon.


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