Back to the (Grim Dark) Future: Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition

deadly embrace:

  1. a standstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions.
  2. A stalemate that occurs when two elements in a process are each waiting for the other to respond

Events have conspired: I will be playing Warhammer 40,000 this weekend.

One of my 40K figures which may or may not be used in a game of 6th ed in my house this weekend.

I have been keeping half an eye on the scuttlebutt about sixth edition for the last couple of months, mostly because of how fear of change has given dull competitive players diarrhoea of the soul.  Hi-larious.

Regardless of all of that, I didnt plan to pick up a copy of the sixth edition rulebook any time soon.  By way of example, I picked up a second hand copy of the 5th ed rulebook in a trade a month or two ago and I have yet to read it.  Considering I have waited four years to read fifth edition I was in no rush to get sixth ed.

The Nob here may well be used in 6th ed games this weekend, but it depends. The ally rules seem very suitable for use with small forces like my Gorkamorka Orks, Da Bigdogz

For unrelated reasons I have a gaming weekend planned starting this evening running until Sunday.  The other half of this man-date is MT, a gentleman human that I got to know over a 40k table over a decade ago.  We had no specific games planned for the weekend, although boardgames are our usual choice these days.

These 40k figures are highly unlikely to feature in games this weekend, but I may squeeze them in somewhere just because I like them.

Unexpectedly however MT used his massive leverage on the Irish gaming scene (read: none) to get his hands on the rulebooks today: a day before release.  This was all we needed to make us engage in an activity that we had sworn to give up numerous times in the past.  We also decided to play 40k.

Therefore this evening we will each be sitting at a scenery covered table opposite one another, each with a ludicrously expensive hardback book in hand (a copy each, naturally).  As we both have access to hundreds upon hundreds of painted miniatures for this specific game, we figured “Why the hell not?  How bad can it be?”  Watch this space…

Astro-Pat here will make a good MaGuffin for a scenario, so I will try to get him to feature.

The last time that we played 40k is documented here in five easily digestible chunks (with my most recent 40k games before that being an eye watering eight years ago in 2004).

Rereading about those 2010 games a couple of years later it seems that I enjoyed them more than I remember now, which is interesting.  We played five small games in rapid succession, so maybe we might stick to that formula.  Or maybe we wont, who knows?

This guy is old school awesome. I am definitely going to play a game using him.

I will take some photos one way or another.  I havent rolled and dice on my new Zuzzy terrain mats yet either (Malifaux uses cards instead) and they are crying out for it.  Dice make a soft rumbling noise as they land on the mats, like chestnuts wrapped in felt landing on a waterbed.  Lovely.

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