Robosheriff / Malifaux: Guardian

++ BEEP++
“Reach for the [FILE NOT FOUND]”
++ BEEP++

This rather crudely sculpted cowboy robot makes me smile every time that I look at it

Its part of the weird but oddly appealing range of Golgo Island miniatures that I picked up from East Riding Miniatures.  I bought the figure with plans to use it in post-apocalyptic/sci-fi western games where it would form the strong arm of the law in the Standard Falls Sheriffs department.

While that use remains valid, Robosheriff  will also serve well as a proxy Guardian robot in Malifaux games.  Thats why the figure got bumped to the top of the painting queue recently, seeing as Malifaux is the new black at Chateau Sho3box.

The sculpting on the figure really is pretty crude, which made painting it a little less enjoyable than I would have liked.  Therefore I went for a simple and quick drybrushed metal effect rather than doing anything too fancy, as I figured that it wouldnt be worth the effort.

Sculpting aside, the rigid pose is quite suitable for an obviously not-very-bright robot and the clunky design and lovable dopey expression make it a fun figure to put on the table: it always gets a laugh.  That definitely counts for something.

This is how the rather tall figure scales up with some rootin’ tootin’ Mali-folk.  L to R is The Judge, Robosheriff, Santiago Ortega.  The boys are on 30mm bases and the Robosheriff is on a 40mm.  Would I watch a movie that had the above image as a poster?  Damn straight I would.

Edit: a helpful Malifaux player knocked this card up for me so that I can use the figure as a proxy Guardian with minimum fuss.  Very kind.


4 Responses

  1. Clunktactular mate! Especially like the caption of the first pic. =D


    • I am a little surprised that you like it actually Mattias. You are usually a little fussier about sculpt standards than I am 🙂

      A very goofy and coarse miniature, but I knew that I had to have it as soon as I saw it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


      • When it comes to robots, I really like the whacky arm-flailing type. =) And I suppose shoddy sculpts of man-made things are easier to accept than shoddy sculpts of biological beings.

        For some reason I imagine Robosheriff meandering through the wastelands, shouting “BANG. BANG. BANG.” at every living thing within visual range while his gun goes “Click. Click. Click.”. Robosheriff have been out of ammo the last 20 years or so.


        • I also enjoy the arm flailing, inevitably-going-to-attempt-to-kill-all-humans robot type. The empty gun thing that you mentioned reminds me of a movie that I cant quite place. It also reminds me of the “Protein From The Sea” guy from Logans Run…

          Unsurprisingly that ‘bot attempts to bump off Michael York and Jenny Agutters characters. All the while talking about plankton and sea greens of course. I cant get enough of that sort of thing.


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