2011 So Far

I have been preoccupied with a number of non-toy soldier related issues for the last couple of months.  Some of the distractions have been dull real life things but others (like a holiday in the US and various Xbox things) have been very pleasant.  The downside of course is that the hobby stuff suffers.

In response to this and in the hope that it will get my juices flowing I decided to do a round up of the hobby things that I have done in 2011 so far, in roughly chronological order.  Click on the pictures to go to the relevant posts for further details.

Things got off to a rocky start (sorry) with the quick bits of terrain above.  Goofy and more than a little crude I have got good use out of them and they are eminently practical.

Next up were some more Left 4 Dead inspired zombie characters.  Nice Tengu miniatures with paint jobs that vary from “adequate” to “quite nice really”.

One of the most successful projects that I finished this year involved these guys.  I got a lot of positive reaction to them and while they became a bit of a drudge by the end, I am very happy with the finished batch.

One of the bigger sub projects that I got stuck into this year was the fort shown above.  That is exactly one quarter of it actually, the thing is massive.

There are a few things that I would do differently if I did it all over but largely I am pleased to have finished it.

Or at least, nearly finished it.  I ordered some suitable bits and pieces to cover the cruciform windows recently, so a minor update to this will happen soon, probably early in the new year.

Keeping with the post apocalyptic theme I retouched and varnished my giant mutant rats in May or so.  I also added some creepy crawlies and a few tents.

…plus some post apocalyptic objective markers.

Running concurrently with the rats, the fort and some other things was the Gorkamorka project.  Lots of orks in other words. No group shot yet though.

Painted alongside the orks were some post apocalyptic vehicles for them to ride around in.

The post apocalyptic stuff kept on coming, with development of my PA shanty town, “Standard Falls”.

The photo above doesnt really do the buildings justice: they look quite nice on the table together.

These vultures got finished while I threw together the signpost above.  The signpost helped to pull the Standard Falls stuff into the Judge Dredd setting, ideal for my most recent project…

The most recent of these is one of the first Mega City One specific perps, the Jimp

So thats what I have managed to get done so far this year.  Its a pretty respectable amount I think, amounting to ~100 miniatures and ~45 terrain items.

Considering that I have done nothing since early August (plus have to go to work and sleep and all of those other boring things) its a pretty decent chunck of geek stuff.

I have a lot more projects and sub-projects in the pipeline as usual but I dont know what will get done next.   Going through the last ten months output for this post has been satisfying though 🙂

Its a Judge Dredd game set in the Cursed Earth up for posting next week.


6 Responses

  1. Really impressive, you’ve gotten a load of stuff done. I haven’t been painting at all during the last three months or so – real-life stuff of the not very pleasant kind tends to kill inspiration. Things are looking up now, so I think I’ll follow your example and get to work once more.


  2. While I am sorry to hear that you have been having real life issues, I am glad to hear that things are a bit better now.

    As far as I can remember you had a pretty solid output for the early part of the year, with a Blood Bowl team, Colonial Marines and some jungle terrain that I can remember off hand.

    I found that looking through the stuff that I had got done inspired me to take a fresh look at some of the other things. Hopefully it will work out similarly for you.

    As ever, thanks for the feedback 🙂


  3. Prolific and excellent my friend, some lovely stuff there again.


    • Thanks Fran. Im a bit inconsistent, but if that amount equaled my annual output for the next few years, I wouldnt complain.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Welcome back! You have indeed benn enjoying the hobby, so just fair that you get some real life as well. And I do hope most was good.

    Good to have you back


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