Mega City One Project

Judge Dredd

I am a lifelong fan of Judge Dredd and 2000AD.  With the release of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game I have decided to put my paint where my mouth is and get a set of figures influenced by the setting ready to go.  Eventually all going well I hope to get my own miniature chunk of Mega City One made and populated for gaming in.

There are many miniatures from a variety of sources that I plan to include in the project.  I own almost all of the Foundry Judges and related MC1 figures.  I have also picked up a lot of the Mongoose Judge Dredd figures (including the figures released for Gangs of Mega City One circa 2005, the remastered versions of same for JDMG and some of the new figures that they have released).  I also have many Necromunda gangs that have been crying out for paint for over a decade and a half that are perfect for use in the setting.

Add to that the EM4/Copplestone savages and scavengers, the kitbashed mutants that I assembled in 2003 but never painted, a whole bunch of robot miniatures that I have amassed from a variety of sources, the bunch of Mos Eisley Cantina-esque aliens and of course the heaps of zombies waiting for attention and it is obvious that I could be painting for this project for years.  The Bladerunner meets The Jetsons setting of MC1 encompasses a huge chunk of my interests, which makes it an ideal fit for me.  Even Aliens and Predators have visited Mega City One.

Regarding terrain I already have quite a good head start.  Large areas of The Big Meg have been ruined by the various disasters that have hit it over the years.  My old 40k ruins and associated bits are perfect for representing those sectors.  My recent (and still growing) Standard Falls shanty town project was planned with the radioactive wasteland of the Cursed Earth in mind.  My functional but not terribly pretty modern urban scenery will be useful to represent the troglodyte infested Undercity and will do as a stand in for MC1 itself  until I get around to making are more suitably sci-fi set of buildings and terrain.

Its an ambitious project to say the least, but the vast majority of it is already bought, so its just a matter of getting stuck in.  Hopefully by about 2013 I should have made a serious dent in it.

First things first though.  The first batch of Judges follow.


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