Things that make you go “Boom” Pt1

A small post today, with a rather hastily taken photo too.

When making my Spawn Points recently I took the opportunity to put together a few other smaller terrain/scenario items, all of which fill the roles of the exploding barrel trope (is that the right use of that word?)  popularised in computer games.

Butane tanks (coloured for local distributors rather than the white from L4D) and Fuel drums.

All of the above came from Fenris games and featured in the Zombie Apocalypse game covered over the last few posts here and here.

I was short a handful of gas cans, the sort that feature in L4D that are visible here.  I have ordered a few from Ebay and they will feature in a follow up post.  I bet that you cant wait.


3 Responses

  1. All you need is a gravity gun to be able to throw the exploding tanks 🙂

    Insert ides into head…… wouldn’t it be cooooll if you make one that was exploding


    • Hi Jimmy.

      Any time that I have tried to model explosions (which has only been two or three times in ~25 years of doing this stuff) it has ended badly. Tears of laughter rolling down peoples faces kind of badly 😉

      I have seen it done well a few times but I have never been able to replicate it.

      The representation of the baby nuke from Starship Troopers shown here is kinda cool, but I remember seeing a better one somewhere. No idea where now though.


  2. […] Verhoeven pulls back from the increasing volume of firepower, taking cover near a red barrel… […]


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