Iacon Guardian Squad Nephtys

Old GW metals

Two Iaconian Guardians

The Iacon Craftworld was the last 40K army that I painted, and it broke my heart 😉

A bit of an aside here, bear with me:

The first army that I painted for 40k back in my teens was Eldar.  I have always been more interested in the creative side of the hobby than the gaming (although I love that too) and as such always chose what forces to play based on one of two things: either they were the figures that looked the nicest to me (Eldar) or that I thought that I could have a lot of fun with them as a modelling project (Sin Eaters).

Squad Nephtys Guardians

Squad Nephtys Guardians

I played a lot of games with the Sin Eaters and they were pretty well regarded aesthetically.  That meant that when I finally got around to doing another Eldar army that I wanted to do “a good job” on them.

The Sin Eaters each took a very long time to paint and although it may not look like it, the Iacon guys possibly took even longer.  Painting that gold took ages and it doesnt even show.  Oh well.  They still look good I think, they just dont really look as good as they should considering the time spent on them.

This army was a turning point for me when I decided that the painting methods that I was using were too time consuming and that I needed to rationalise the process more.  That principle has continued up until the present day.

Nephtys Gunner and Guardian

Nephtys Gunner and Guardian

There is a vaguely Egyptian theme running through the force (it isnt really that visible other than colour choice in Squad Nephtys) that should hopefully be more apparent in some of the other units.

Hephtys Gunner and Star Cannon Grav Platform

Nephtys Gunner and Star Cannon Grav Platform

The hand painted symbol on the cannon fairing is repeated on the right shoulder plate of each squad member.  Although the plates used varied from squad to squad, that variable glyph motif continued through the whole force.


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