Malifaux: Judge


The very first Malifaux figure that I am posting up is this guy, Judge.

Judge is a member of the Guild, who are the less than benevolent authoritarian figures in the setting.  He hangs around with Lady Justice and the Death Marshals, who all specialise in taking out Resurrectionists (essentially Necromancers).

As far as I am aware Judge has suffered some severe damage to the lower portion of his face, which is why he wears that bandana… I think.  It doesnt matter anyway as it looks pretty cool I reckon.

Judges Long Arm blade has a pistol built into the hilt, which in game terms allows him to do all sorts of Matrix-y combination gunfire and dismemberment moves in game.

Check out the pistol hilt.

Another figure from the Lady Justice box set goes up tomorrow.


Comments and criticisms on this guy are very welcome 🙂



Right Now: Death Marshals


This is what I am working on right now. Fiddly miniatures with lots if detail. Hopefully they will be worth it.

(I am experimenting with short posts of WIPs like this via my phone, almost like tweeting but less frequent and hopefully a lot less dull.  If they work out then great. If not then be sure to let me know.)

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