Thorns of the Briar Queen

Painting the Sepulchral Guard was fun, so I got stuck into another undead Underworlds warband immediately afterwards.

Witch Hunter Byron Maiden is surrounded by the unquiet dead in the ruined quarter of Batinburg.

Although these figures are g-g-g-ghosts rather than skeletons, I decided that painting them using some of the same colours and techniques that I was trying on the Sepulchral Guard would be interesting. I wanted to see if I could refine the technique a bit, while still getting them finished quickly.

The Reaper as seen in The Frighteners

I was torn between going for a “Return of the King” Army of the Dead style paint job – the glowing greenish grey-blue variety that has become popular in miniature painting since that movie, and a more traditional, Ringwraith-in-a-dirty-sheet ghostly look from another Peter Jackson movie – The Frighteners.
I decided to join the two halfway, with glowing greenish-blue bodies inside dirty sheets coloured to match the clothing on the Sepulchral Guard. The compromise might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I think that they look decent enough.

Sepulchral Guard flank Thorns of the Briar Queen

More Warhammer Underworlds figures next time I think.


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  1. I’m for one far more partial towards the “normal” ghost look on The Frighteners, that white-ish electric blue style instead of the green-ish one you mention. Need to test a way to mass-produce ghosts in that color like what people do when they prime them in white and bathe them in Nihilakh Oxide to have a quick and workable green look. Probably a Contrast paint, not sure yet.

    Another thing, looks like you didn’t link the full pics again, might have to put an item in the posting checklist 🙂

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    • The images links are fixed now, thanks. The WordPress posting software changed at some point and frankly, it’s a pain in the ass, occasionally not allowing any comments or not including image links etc. It’s infuriating.

      Anyway, GW brought out two bespoke ghost paints – Hexwraith Flame and Nighthaunt Gloom – that were intended to vary the Nihilakh Oxide ghost effects. Those paints seem to be essentially prototype Contrast paints too, but I haven’t experimented with them enough to be certain.

      Worth a look 🙂

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  2. With their various torture and execution devices still attached, these are good and creepy. I like the Briar Queen, with her no doubt horribly withering rose magic effect… all in all they fit with the other undead while having a matching unit look.

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    • I may or may not get around to using these guys in Underworlds, but the Dickensian chains etc do mean that they will fit right in as generic ghost encounters in whatever scenario I need them for.

      I enjoyed painting them, and the finished job doesn’t look quite like any other versions of the models I have seen and lastly, they look decent enough on the table.

      That’s all win for me really.

      Thanks for the feedback Al!

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  3. These turned out well. They look as fun as the Sepulchral Guard to paint, with all that flowing cloth and ghost bits.

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    • Thanks!
      They were fun to paint, and I enjoyed tackling them in a loose way really. It was less about accuracy and precision than about enjoying colouring them in over a couple of afternoons.

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  4. You nailed these – the green/blue works so well and they really show movement. Love them!

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  5. Very nicely turned out dude, and well done on getting them to work with your skellies!

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  6. More than decent indeed. I really enjoy the different hues of brown and the contrast with the ectoplasmic-ghostly-skin. Nice!

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    • Thanks Suber.

      The undead that I have painted recently have been a bit experimental, testing the minimum that I can get away with and still be content with the finished product.

      I’m still a bit close to these to be certain about how I feel about them really, but I think that they worked out adequately at least.

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  7. Loved reading tthis thank you

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