Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #8: Audacious

After the recent kinda cyberpunk/Neo-Tokyo/Miyazaki repainted cars, I was happy to go for a post-apocalyptic take on this vehicle.

Looks likely to be a black car with red trim.

It isn’t, but it’s fun all the same.

The bright colours on this immediately made me think of this piece of Gaslands artwork:

The rusted rooster crest on this was something that I had been planning to try for a while, so this was my opportunity.

As the vehicle looks a lot like a part of the “Slime” faction I added a ram (vehicles from that faction get a ram for free). I couldn’t resist adding a “bloodbag” from Ramshackle Games too.

Sanctioned Operatives pursue “Audacious” through the Badlands.

Real life issues, plus a storm that disrupted internet access nearly made this post tardy.  HOW EXCITING!



5 Responses

  1. Slime don’t get rams for free. They still cost points. They just don’t take up any slots.


    • Good to know Kaptain Kobold.

      Intend not to concern myself too much with the rules when putting these together anyway really. It’s more about what I think looks good.


  2. Love this one mate – a real beast!

    Liked by 1 person

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