Shadow War: Armageddon at Warhammer World

I went to Nottingham to play games and meet friends last weekend.  Here are some of the photos of the games that I was involved in on the Friday.

Shadow War: Armageddon with Erasmus Papafakis, Graham, CurisAndy, Axiom, Asslessman, Whiskeypriest and Antipixi at Warhammer World, on the lush, bespoke Hive World terrain available for use there was more fun than that lumpy sentence makes it sound.

Three cycles to retirement.

I used a force of Arbites that I painted in the week before the event (photos of those to follow soon-ish).

The flying towel rack was radioactive.
Waving, brightly coloured target acquired…
“Scampi and Beef” is an acquired taste.
So diminutive that I failed to get even a single decent shot of the ratling Inquisitorial band.

Would you take cover near a glowing blue fissure full of skulls? Well? Would you?

We got three rounds of games in, which meant that I had the opportunity to play against a few people for the first time, which was great.  The terrain was spectacular, making it a very pleasant way to catch up with some friends and get to know a couple of other people a little better.

More details on the games played can be found in the links to the blogs at the start of the post, so I won’t repeat that info here.


After that it was time to relax with some miniature ultraviolence in the bar via Gorechosen, the first chance that many of our haemo-erotic warriors had to collide.

After all that it was time for food and some booze, then bed, ready for another day of gaming the following day.  Photos to follow whenever I get a chance.


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  1. Sooooooooo….
    completely jealous!!!

    All you “going to BOYL” people are posting the most amazing photos, I cannot stand it!

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    • The event is still bijou, with only about 100 attendees I expect, but it’s fun and unique and attracts people from all over. There were visitors from the U.S., France, Thailand, the distant shores of Ireland.

      A hardcore hobbyist like you would be made extremely welcome if you ever decided to make the trip Will.


  2. Fabulous. I love the almost monochrome scheme with the splash of desaturated yellow. Those pics are brilliant – how come yours look so much better than mine? Have you done much photo editing?

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    • Thanks Axiom 🙂

      I crop and add a frame to some photos in addition to some very rudimentary colour correction. Sometimes it works better than other times. It’s certainly far from a pro job, but generally (certainly not always) it improves the photos.

      I do all of that on my phone. It takes a little time but I think that it’s worth it, generally speaking.


  3. The Arbites guys on that board are simply out of this world. Strikingly awesome pics!

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    • It was a big kick for me to see my miniature Arbites in a miniature hive. A bucket list project.

      Thanks for the kind words Suber!


  4. Lovely stuff there. It has been great seeing BOYL (I assume) posts from a variety of bloggers I follow.

    Haemo-erotic is still one of my all time favourite puns. So accurate.

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    • There will be more BOYL weekend stuff here soon too, although I’m sure that many are sick of the photos now.

      We tread a little carefully with the haemo-erotic Gorechosen project. I didn’t want to have to explicitly state that I am not homophobic to a poor speller/reader, but it was too amusingly silly and appropriate to ignore.

      Thanks for the feedback Mikko!

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  5. Looks awesome dude – and highlights the biggest issue with BOY imo…. the inability to be in two (or more) places at once!! I had a superb day on Friday, but this looks amazing too!! Grrrr!!

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    • Thanks Alex!

      I squeezed in a fair bit this year, even with late arrival on Sunday, but I still didn’t manage to do everything that I wanted to.

      It’s triage to an extent 🙂

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  6. “MFW my friend has attack points remaining in the turn, and I just don’t GAF.”

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  7. Lovely photos and gangs!

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    • The gangs were top notch Barks, definitely. There were other gangs that I didnt even get photographed that were gorgeous too.

      At this stage the people that I game with are quite fussy about having decent figs and terrain to play with. Not every element has to be a masterpiece or anything, but there is a unspoken base line that we are all happy to ensure that raises the enjoyment level for everyone I think.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  8. A pleasure to have not only played toy soldier battles with you Paul, but also to have met you as well.

    Thank-you for losing to me at WHW 😛

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    • I wouldn’t insult someone by playing to lose P-man. Once the ground rules were established, I lost that fair and square 🙂

      It was a pleasure, and one that I hope to repeat in the not too distant future.


  9. […] The final catalyst that I needed to paint a small Arbite force after wanting to paint them for years was to get them used in some games of Shadow War: Armageddon.  You can see some snaps taken during their debut outing here. […]


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