Judgement Day #31: Butlerbot P3R-C



A straightforward submission this time, P3R-C the butlerbot.


"Ms Bridges, please sautee the tripe in preparation for the Frankenmichaelmas Lamentations. I will repair to the pantry for auto-flagellationin advance of St Matthews meal".

“Ms Bridges, please sautee the tripe in preparation for the Frankenmichaelmas Lamentations. I will repair to the pantry for self-flagellation in advance of St Matthews meal”.


The model is an out of production Megaminis robot design.  Like much of the robot range from Megaminis a few years ago, the sculpt is crude, a bit soft, but has a fair bit of character.

I dont know if the model was intended to be a companion piece to the maid robot and the vacuum cleaner bot shown below, but I decide to treat it as such.

I like that it sort of looks like a bald human head from the back.

I like that it sort of looks like a Patrick Stewart balding human head from the back.

Butlers/valets/gentlemans gentlemen/attachés generate a lot of clichés.  The obvious one is the English educated, stiff upper lip “snooty” vibe, often de-constructed in pop culture by the butler taking his pants off and dancing in an uncouth fashion while he has the house to himself.


P3R-C definitely does that.  He also definitely has a complex, sexually frustrated relationship with PHRAN that features a lot of near misses and audience “Awwwwww!” sounds.

L to R: P3R-C, PHRAN 19, Suction Unit 79 Alpha AKA "Sux"

+++ Miss PHRAN, what are you doing here during scheduled recharging period? +++         +++ BEEEEP Well, I heard moaning and screaming coming from your power booth and I figured… I should be part of it. BEEEEP+++

(L to R: P3R-C, PHRAN 19, Suction Unit 79 Alpha AKA “Sux”.  PHRAN and Sux were painted very rapidly a while back, so they dont really take the close up very well.  I may refurbish them at a later date)



When Judge Dredd investigates citizens with a lot of creds to their name, he regularly comes into contact with well dressed servant robots.


I dont need justification to include a model like this in the Judgement Day project of course, but precedent does make it more satisfying.


The painting on P3R-C is pretty straightforward and uses the same scheme as the previous two servo ‘bots that I worked on.

It will be another mutant next tiem.  Or possibly a robot, it depends on my mood.  Mr Saturday will treat us to something delectable in the interim Im sure.

P3R-C treats the house staff to another of his "When I served in the Apocalypse War..." stories.

P3R-C treats the house staff to another of his “When I served in the Apocalypse War…” pep talks.


17 Responses

  1. He looks great Paul but dare I say could do with a bow-tie like the one in the comic lol

    I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but you have a very interesting collation of models & I really do enjoy seen what you’ll come up with next, so thanks for that mate.

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    • The bow tie would have improved the look for certain Frank. A fiddly job. Next time perhaps.

      I’m glad that you like the mix of figures. I find that the variation keeps me far more interested than churning out similar troop types for battle games. I just tend to paint what I want and worry about what game to fit it into later.

      That organic approach has served me well over the last few years: I have quite a range of painted oddball figs to tell stories around these days.

      Thanks for the feedback Frank!


  2. Wasn’t expecting to see Fran Drescher pop up in a JD post but I should have known better and it’s actually one of the reasons why I’m so glad to have you around ^^
    The model is really cute but it’s the puzzle it’s being part of that appeals to me the most.

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    • I couldn’t resist Fran. Generally speaking that is 😉 The opportunity to include her image in a rambling post here was too good to miss.

      The model is so so and the painting is perfectly serviceable but its nothing special at the same time. Therefore in order to distract the viewer from the contents mediocrity, I padded the post out with some pop culture nonsense that I was thinking about all the way through painting (like that terrible theme tune from “The Nanny).

      Did my plan work? 😉

      Thanks for the feedback A-Man.


  3. You’re doing an interesting line in monochrome servile automatons at the moment! This chap is a fine addition – I can see him getting in the way and generally being an annoying distraction in many a firefight.

    Was the black and white scheme for all 3 designed with him in mind, or was it just happenchance that your previous robots fit nicely into the butler theme?

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    • The plan for the butler came first and spun into a general monochrome scheme for the service industry ‘bots. I batch painted the three up to a point and then finished them off individually.
      Astutely observed Mr Axiom.

      He does have a bit of the “Oh my!” C3PO vibe as you mention, ideally suited to tottering around in fire corridors.

      In retrospect I do think that painting P3R-Cs legs to look like the striped trousers that “Robert” is wearing in the comic photos above would have been better. Ill do that with the next robo-servant I think.


  4. A cool wee fella with a very purposeful stride. He’s going to answer the sh*t out of that door. He’d make an interesting sidekick for some villian. “Fetch me some tea while I unclog this chainsaw James, there’s a good man.”

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    • Its a fun, useful little model. Dredd seems to end up questioning robots in the strip very regularly, so it fits in well I think.

      Exactly how much free will, empathy and other “human” emotions that the robots have in Judge Dredds universe is kept vague, intentionally I suspect.

      [SPOILER] Mrs Strepsils robo-servant in the recent PJ Maybe stories must have seen quite a lot of illegal behaviour and kept his synth shut for example [/SPOILER] in many ways behaving as you describe.


  5. Good stuff mate, absolutely lovin’ all these robots!

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    • Thanks Alex 🙂

      Since the late eighties I wanted to pick up some pretty generic, sci-fi robot models, but they were few and far between. There were plenty of armed skeletal ‘bots and then the occasional steampunk or gothic affairs, but very few classic, raygun gothic robots.

      I managed to track down a few here and there over the last seven or eight years, but it was 2015 before I really got down to painting a number of them to a decent level. It scratches a real itch, its very satisfying.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s a fine collection mate, and yeah – it’s a huge missing piece of the whole tabletop vernacular in my opinion… good on you for doing it!

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  6. You keep on raising the bar, these techguys look pretty lovely. Skynet certainly has where to choose its minions!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Im glad that you like them Suber. This model was a little bit cruder in terms of sculpt than some previous robots, but it does the job.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  7. Damn, I bet he would be a whole lot more efficient than the current wait staff at the Gov’s mansion.
    Great stuff

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, of the numerous sci-fi inventions that have yet to materialise, flying cars, jetpacks etc, having a reliable robot butler really is pretty high on the list.

      Im glad that you like it Guiscard 🙂


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